Living in Brunei

Hi, Can anyone help out.  Thinking of moving to Brunei.  We have visited for a couple of days to get a feel for the place but I still have questions....

1.  What would be a reasonable salary for a family to live off?

2.  What is the postal service like?  I didn't see any post offices.

3.  Where do you shop?  Seems to be only one decent supermarket and didn't see any clothing shops that I would shop at.

4.  Do many internet shopping sites deliver to Brunei?

Thanks for responding, very very very much appreciated!  :)

I cannot answer the salary question as that is very specific to each family but wages are tax free which helps. Shopping is done in a few supermarkets. Supasave sells lots of expat products but it is more expensive. Clothes can be bought in all the malls but it is more difficult and I find many expats stock up from home or when they go abroad. You can ship things to Brunei. All parcels go to a central post office where you collect them from. You gave to open them in front of a customs officer and you may or may not have to pay an import duty on the goods.

Hi nealeb.very informative blog.thanks for sharing.

Ms. Dench

Hi there,

You might be seeing the not commercial center In Brunei while u were here. The commercial center here is in Gadong area, Kiulap Area. Serusop Area. More and more shopping center starts to open.
Two Malls are opening soon that is The Time Square and the Airport Mall.

Food is cheap in Brunei. You can go for grocery shoping at Supasave, Giant , Hua Ho , Soon Lee. Brunei is really a safe country to leave in.

Post office are everywhere. Sending things abroad is also provided . Beside that UPS, FE EX, DHL and other courier service also availabe here.

Salary wise...i really have no idea. Depends upon your house will it free provided . Car u have no worries u can get cheap cars here.

ANy questions just email me at masmin75[at]

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