The Price of Healthy Food in Brunei?

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I will be coming to BSB, Brunei for a university lecturing position soon and I am seeking advice regarding the availability of certain health foods (I eat a lot because I am a competitive bodybuilder - I placed 2nd last weekend in my category in the Mr Australia!).

It would be great if I can get some idea on the approximate cost of the following foods (or even if they're not available at all):

- Skinless chicken breast (price per kilogram?)
- 12 large eggs
- Brown rice (price per kilogram?)
- Wholemeal pasta (price per kilogram?)
- Low fat or skim milk (price per litre?)
- Broccoli (price per kilogram?)
- Large can of water-packed tuna
- Spinach (price per kilogram?)
- Almonds or walnuts (price per kilogram?)
- Fillet of fresh fish (price per kilogram?)
- Tofu (price per kilogram?)
- Kangaroo meat (price per kilogram?)
- Goat meat (price per kilogram?)
- Rolled oats (price per kilogram?)
- Wholemeal bread (price per loaf?)
- Sweet potatoes or yams (price per kilogram?)
- Pumpkin (price per kilogram?)
- Green beans (price per kilogram?)

Many thanks for your assistance! - Bruno.

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Hi BrunoInBrunei,

Sorry, I can't quote you exact prices of stuff from memory, but here's some info you may find helpful:

Most of your items on your list should be available here except for kangaroo and goat meat - forget it, you won't get these things anywhere, for any price.

Chicken breasts are available fresh or frozen, and prices vary depending on which supermarket you opt for, but as a guide think of around $5-$8 per kilo. It's not that cheap, and is NOT organic/free range. In fact, ANYTHING organic or free range is very hard to come by, and tends to be extremely expensive. So, where your locally produced chicken is concerned, expect it to be pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics :-/ That may or may not be an issue for you with your bodybuilding.

Brown rice and brown pasta - readily available and as cheap as you'd find at home, probably cheaper.

Milk - most milk sold here is UHT... fresh milk is available but is very expensive (around $6 a litre).

Broccoli and spinach - both are available fresh or frozen. Fresh is imported, so will be expensive and can be sporadic in its availability.

Tuna, tofu, nuts and oats - all available here, not expensive.

Fresh fish - READILY available here, and very good value, especially if you source from the fish markets. Even frozen is good value; I can buy 3 or 4 LARGE dory fillets for around $4.

Wholemeal bread - be prepared to make your own, I'm afraid; the necessary raw ingredients are all available here. You can buy ready-baked bread, but it is mostly SHITE!!!! PACKED full of sugar and additives, and what they term 'wholemeal' here I would term 'vaguely brown'. Oh, and expect to pay over $2 for a small loaf, even as much as $4 a loaf for something that looks more wholesome.

As for yams, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and green beans, these will be very cheap and readily available, as long as you opt for the locally produced stuff.

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can smbdy please tell me where can i get fresh milk in brunei?fresh as in right from a dairy farm.i read on dis blog dat it is available,costly but available.i need to know where can i get it.

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