Thinking of moving to brunei

Hi myself and my husband and our two children both aged 11 are thinking of moving to Brunei.  Salary5,000 and housing.  Would this be sufficient to live on?

Also little worried about the quality of education from the international schools....anu feedback from anybody would be great

Brunei is a peaceful country, cost of living is cheap no tax and it is safe to go out day and night

Hi Hi

You will find yourself buying a car very soon after. Very minimal public transport here. No MRT. ;)

International schools are bit pricy. Perhaps you would like to negotiate that in your package with employer. Otherwise should be okay.


Just wondering if you had made the move to Brunei? My husband is considering a possible transfer to Brunei, I believe he would be working our of Kuala Belait. We have two kids who would be attending school there, one is 12 and one is 4. There are loads of Primary schools  but the only appropriate Secondary schools seem to be in Bandar Seri Begawan which is about an hour and a half drive from Kuala Belait - too far to travel everyday. We have been told that a lot of expats live in Miri as there is a good international Secondary school there and it is only a 40 -45 minute drive into Kuala Belait for work.
I would really appreciate any information anyone has around the schooling and where to live as this will ultimately be what makes us decide wether to move or not.

I happen to know there are  2 international schools which are International School Brunei (ISB) ( and Jerudong International school (JIS) (

Both are easily accessible. JIS may be as far as going down to Miri and ISB is at Kuala Belait.

Hope this help.

Thanks amy.demo
The only issue is that the ISB  & Jerudong international school are both  about 1 hour 25 mins drive from Kuala belait where my husband will be based. The campus for the ISB in Kuala Belait is only a primary school and since my daughter is 12 she will be going to the high school campus with is in Bandar Seri Begawan.
Is there anywhere suitable that we could live that was perhaps half way between the schools in Bandar Seri Begawan and Kuala Belait?
I have been trolling the internet as much as I can to find out information but it is very few and far between. I will try to email both these schools to see if they can give me a bit more of an idea on the idea of travelling to the schools everyday -  3 hours total travel everyday just to get the kids to school makes it a very long day for them.

i work in uae since 08 years offshore to onshore till date  how i can i find job brunei?

Dear Indians
I am Naveena from Oman.we are basically from Andhra Pradesh. My husband got a offer in Institute of Technology Brunei. Previous we are in West Malaysia for 3 years. 
Because of our kids education  we choose to Oman. Now first kid going to first standard. Right now we got offer in Brunei. we want to come there. The thing is we want a proper information from any Indian regarding kids education in Brunei and cost of living.
Because if everything ooky we want to join coming August.
Please  this is my request to know positives and negatives in Brunei.

Expecting reply form you soon
Thank you

Just to keep you in a peaceful state of mind..There are private transport who send kids down to ISB in Bandar Seri Begawan daily..They will be charging you at a minimal fee.. It's pick and send home can always check it out with the other expatriates living in KB..

Hi Lolly

ISB is located at Kuala Belait. Check out link:


Thank you very much for responding sir


pete e :


Your profile shows that you are currently living in Brunei.
Do you have some information about moving to Brunei that you would like to share ??

I am naveena from Oman. i m basically from India. recently my husband got a offer in ITB.
As per job we don't have any problem.But regarding our kids education we are very much confuse.
There we seen two international school which is not in our budget.
St Andrew,s and st George schools are okay for us
may i know which school is better for our kid she is going to year 1.
And we want to know Positives and negatives for Indians there.
how about cost of living and housing there.
pl z i sent so many peoples to about this but very few responded. if i can get a proper information i m very thank full to you
Expecting your reply soon
Thank you

Hi Naveena

Sorry, since you would like a response from the Indian community, can't help.


Hi all,
I am Bruneian working in KB and living in bandar which is 1hr to 1hr an half drive as daily commutters. Its not bad driving long hrs but it would be a waste for the kids to spend 3hrs daily commuting. My previous boss had to find a house in bandar so the kids can go to JIS or ISB. There are lots of rented houses near the school so will takes shorter drive time. Parents has to sacrifice in this case. Education in private school is improving over the years like chung hwa in kb, st margaret in seria are not bad as well.

Cost of living is cheap. Depending on how you spend weekly. Groceries can be like B$100 per week or less. Eating out is not bad as well. Movies B$8 per adult. Electrical items cheaper when compared to other asian countries I guess. Utilities charges and car fuel are sooo cheap.

dear amy

i m not just asking indians. to know positives and negatives who ever it may be i m very thank ful to you all.
Now we are worrying about schooling there. which one is better like that.
plz i need your suggestion also
dont mind plz
thank you

thank you sir
now schooling only problem for our kid also.
we are in dilemma.
our husband going to work in ITB and school will be in bandar.
Thanks for responding

ITB is still in bandar. Its not far from JIS or ISB. If you go out early hours, you can beat the traffic jam. just avoid peak hours from 7 - 9am. You need to get familiar with route that has worst traffic jam so you can avoid it and find alternative route

Dear Naveena

St Andrew's and st George's schools are equally good.


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