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Hi Everyone

My name is Beatrice and I'm Zimbabwean. I intend to move to Romania in December and get married to my Romanian boyfriend. We are planning that I'd apply to stay in the country after marriage. I hope to get as much help as possible from this platform so that when I leave Zimbabwe at the end of the year, I have everything I need for all the processes required.

Hi I'm shey !

I'm currently living here in the Philippines.  But I'm thinking to live in Romania for a double purposes . one is to have a work there so I can help my family and to be with my friends there .  I considered it as a good chance so I don't know if I can have a work there.  I'm a Financial Management Graduate.  .  :cheers:  :proud

My name is Aaron  I am coming to Bucharest at end on the month for 6 month but I would like to send a  couple week in Timisoara  to explore can you re command a nice place to stay  :)

Hi all,
I'm moving to Bucharest in November, initially on a 6 month sabbatical from UK. If all goes well I'll be making the move permanent. Hope to chat to some of you guys and make new friends


Hi sue
It's funny I am from California doing the same let me know when you are in Bucharest

Hi Aaron,
That would be great. I’ll certainly look you up when I get there

Noted and thanks

Buna seara. Ce mai faci ?
I'm Sasha, from Sarajevo (Bosnia). Planning to move to Timisoara, heaven knows when.
Have problems with admins on almost every site, but I promise I'll be bine baiatul aici.

Hi everyone! My name is Oana, I'm from Bucharest. I'm here because I am looking for an English native speaker in order to practice my spoken English. If it is necessary I can pay for this. :)

Hi Oana,
I’m relocating to Bucharest in November and I’m a native English speaker. If you’re still looking for someone by then I’d be happy to help.

I have a few days to settle in my apartment (when I find one!). Hopefully we can arrange a contact after I arrive


Hi Sue! November is good but October would be perfect for starting. (contact details removed) Oana

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Cat from Scotland.
I'm an online ESL teacher and moving to Romania beginning of March next year and taking my Job with me. I've been speaking Romaninan for 4 years and do a bit of intepreting here. Haven't gotten a flat sorted yet but everything else seem to be fitting into place!

Hi, I am Garrett and moving to Bucharest in two weeks.

Hello everyone !

I am looking for someone to help with my Romanian

I am a native english speaker. going to romania in two weeks !

Maybe we can help each other

Hi Janice! Please contact me at ***


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Hi there! New member here! I'm from the Philippines and I wish to live and work in Romania. I have seen how beautiful it is, and I am in love with Romania.

Hi all!

I want to move to Bucharest and become an English language teacher.

I have been in Romania before when visiting some of my friends who also live in my country, Denmark. The whole Romania experience has been great in many ways, both in terms of people and also regarding places to visit. I'm still in Denmark at the moment but am trying to land a teaching job in Bucharest in order to be able to stay there for the long term. My Romanian isn't super but I can communicate on the streets and engage in very simple conversations. And if things get confusing then I can always point and draw stuff in the air with my hands! Then people usually get it! :)

Romania has a charm to it that attracts me and I hope to make some good friends on this site and see my way through all the difficulties of moving from one country to another.

Anyway, that's a bit about me!

Have a good day to all of you!  ;)

Hello everyone,

I am married to a Romanian citizen and am looking forward to going back there early next year!

Hi everyone!

I'm a Filipina and I'm also a teacher (teaching English to Secondary or High School students) and I am interested in visiting (and possibly living in) Romania. I became interested in Romania because of a Romanian friend I met online. Don't know what to call our relationship, but suffice it to say that we have mutual feelinngs for each other.

Anyway, the part that I probably want to visit first is my friend's area, Sibiu. I've been told this is a (very) cold place, but I like it because of the mountains, trees, etc.. I'm a nature lover, but growing up in a Philippine island with lots of beaches, I guess I relate more to nature when it's green leaves and stones crunching under your feet. From what I've seen, autumn in Romania is quite beautiful, and I hope to experience it for myself one day! :)

Hey Everyone,

My name is Jason and I'm from Australia. Currently living in Australia right now but would love to travel and work in Romania preferably in Bucharest. I see a couple of English speaking jobs that do appeal to me. I hope i can get in touch with someone or if someone can contact me that would be great. I hope I can meet new members and possibly converse with some of you as I am really friendly and love a good chat. I hope I hear from all of you soon thanks.


Hello everyone

I am married to a Romanian citizen and we are living in Cluj together. Since we both moved here we dont quite know anyone, but i am in love with this country. Nature lover as i am you can only imagine what Transylvania and its mountains mean to me! I remember first drive towards our future home and herd of deer running next to the road. That was the first time my fear of unknown and foreign country subsided.

Now that we are settled we ready to conquer Cluj and see what it has to offer us!
Hope to meet some interesting people soon :)

Hi everyone!

I'm from Paris and I'm about to move to Bucharest with my wife and 2 young kids.


ey everyone I’m from NYC (though I’ve lived in a few countries and cities).  Recently moved to Sibiu. NOT looking for any housing (all sorted) or jobs, just hoping to meet like-minded people to build a network of friends and partners in Sibiu. I’m into walking, hiking, meditation, yoga, Argentine tango...and discovering the undiscovered... appreciating the under-appreciated. Looking for new friends so pls reach out if you’re in a similar boat. Cheers

Hello! My name is Michael, and one week today i shall be moving to Romania to work within Wildlife Conservation. The nearest big city to me is Focșani. I have joined the forum to get some inside tips; the first of which is where to source rolling tobacco. In the UK i smoke a brand called gold leaf, which is very similar to Golden Virginia, but a lot cheaper. From past visits, i know that rolling tobacco is not common in Romania, especially in the rural villages and towns that i have visited in the past. Can anyone help me please?


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