New members of the Qatar forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Qatar forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Qatar if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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HI I am in Doha for a week, want to make most of my time here. Let me know of any group activities I am up for it all.

hello I am Avon Karen Sarte from Philippines. I am a nurse for almost 5years. I am looking for a job in Qatar for Nurses under phcc.

Hi, my name is Sabina, I live and work in Albania. I am a secretary in an Embassy in Tirana. I have a wonderfu job but I need to find better possiblities of education for my children ( I have 3 children) and Doha is a very good opportunity for me. I have 10 years experience as an English Teacher and I hope I can find something suitable for me in Doha. I want to move to Qatar this September...
Hope you can help me in knowing more about Qatar.
Thank you

Pershendetje Sabina,

Po e shoh qe jeni nga Shqiperia, dhe kerkoni pune ne Qatar. Un jetoj per afer 2 vite ne Dubai dhe tani muajin tjeter do te levizi per ne Qatar, cdo informate qe do te kem, do te ndaj me ju (me pelqeu qe doni te shkolloni femijet) prandaj ju orfoj ndihme for free.

Mbesim ne kontakt.


Pershendetje Vehbi,
Te falenderoj shume per gadishmerine tende per te me ndihmuar, uroj qe te mund te gjej nje pune te pershtatshme dhe tia dal. Mbase ju shqetesoj me ndonje pyetje here pas here.
Te uroj gjithe te mirat,

Hi Vehbiu and Sabina > you should please write in English is this English speaking forum as indicated in our code of conduct. Thank you

Hello Christine,
Thank you for your remark,
Have a nice day,

All dear all,  ;)
I am Maxim. I am from San F, CA.

A kinda new here, and make friend with expats from all around the world especially the natives of Qatar.
I would like to find a job in Management, Project management (Construction, or IT),  Management Consulting, Market Development- what I am good at- and move to Qatar. I would like to make some cultural and professional friends and learn more about both the life and work culture. I would love to meet many friends here.

Please feel free to also write to *Currently, I work as a consultant in English trainer in Turkey.
Much love to all!  :heart:

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Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. Really a pleasure to be among you all... I just moved to Doha two weeks ago. It was actually  a sudden change. Anyway I am here and I wanna enjoy it. I am from Egypt a land of charm, beaches, amusing desertso.  There was so much to do there. I am used to hangouts, safaris, diving, parties  ... whatever the activitiesize I am willing to join. I am working in the aviation field with big exposure and connections in it and also willing to widen my network in the field and open for any cooperation. I think this is a brief about my life and I hope I get to know you a get connected. Thanks for the add .. my pleasure

Hello all,

I am moving to Doha in a week or two.

Someone told me that rental prices for apartments just recently went down for the first time in years, is this true?



Hello All,

I am Khaled N. a Business Management major with aspirations of managing properties in the Arabian Gulf(i.e. Doha, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, etc.). My inspiration comes from traveling to that side of the world and seeing all its offerings. And my aspirations is to sincerely help an employer take their services and bottom lines to the next level.

I possess more than 9 years of experience in a Facility Management role and 7 years in Hotel Hospitality.

You’re input and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your reply really appreciated. I hope we could meet sometime ...

brother, 15000 salary is enough to live a normal life, but if u want to live a luxury life then its not.

hey , i have been on Doha since 2014 , i may be a good help for the new members .

Hi I'm Hana and I am a final year Economics student in London. Hoping to pursue Masters and work in Qatar. How is life in Qatar for working people!!!

Hi I am jamal from India doing business importing fruits and vegetables from India

Hello to you  all,

Am Edward, 2 weeks old in Doha from Kenya. I hope to get as many friends around this nice country. Its my second experience in the gulf (after 8 years in UAE). I do sales in the construction industry and will treasure any assistance with any leads and contacts in this field from you all.

I am simple and very respectful and like chatting and meeting people.

Please feel free to drop me a message :-)

Cheers. Ed

Hello Everyone,

Im moving to Qatar soon, would like to meet people who wants to watch sports specifically football matches and gain new friends. How's the weather in Qatar now? I wish i would be there before winter ends 😄

I'm Wale by name , I've been in Doha for years , work as an electric technician , I'm willing meet different people from different races in Qatar , I need to learn new things , Qatar shouldn't be bored  to me anymore .

Hello guys, am a new member on this platform how ever i have read some posts and found it more meaningful in my cause.especially in pursuit for a job.
This will be the second time am travelling to Qatar.
I was previously working at Qatar Duty Free shopping floor under a contracted company but had to exit and take up a new challenge in sierra Leone. As logistics officer with a Bauxite mining company.
I have subjected my decission to scrutiny and i feel my heart is in Qatar. I have a University degree in Purchasing and supplies mgt. With 9 years progressive experience. How ever i don't know where to begin from upon arriving because from what i realised is that employment priority is given to those already in Qatar and i would like to seize this chance. I welcome and appreciate your advice.
Kind regards
Namisi Musa

Hello Dear , I'm living in France and as an accomplished professional with three years of sports management industry experience, a Master's degree of Business administration in Sports management and six years as a professional soccer player in Holland , Spain , Turkey, Switzerland and France, I would like to work in sports industries in Qatar. How and where to apply for sports opportunities industries?  Thanks

Hello everyone,

@Kabsiita, you should create a new thread on the Qatar forum.



Hi my name is pamela im currently working in qatar as accountant. I'am looking for nurse who have prometric of qatar and dataflow. If you are interested kindly reply to this message. Thank you! or you may reach me thru wassup xxx

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Hi andengers I just arrived here last feb 26 still struggling to find place and people i can hang up. Most of the time Id choose to stay inside my accomodation. Hope we could be friends once you arrive. Have a safe trip

the easiest thing is to make friends here

Hit me up anytime my team is ***and I attend a Filipino church in Doha too

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hI I'm from philippines and currently staying in Qatar . . . I would like to have friends here specially those who's in Qatar. . .   :)


Hi everybody,

Just to inform you that this thread has been created for the introduction of new members only.

So feel free to create new threads if you have other questions related to expatriation.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

Ive been working here since 2013 and stucked here.Now its time to move on but cant find any way to go for or do for.

Hi  . .  I get curious . .  what do you mean you are stuck???

Thanks for the remarks . .  pricilla :)

my thoughts ,I cant figure it out which way I should go,I feel I should go wild without thinking about the consequences and then my steps tryin a stop sayin this is childish.........uhhhh

Hi all, i have just moved to Doha and i am looking to make new friends and or business connections.

I'm English and love being outdoors and active or having a few drinks.  Actually i like to do most things come to think of it

Hello Everyone
I am Ibrahim Hassan, Egyptian guy with good experience in Qatar about how can you draw smile? I love all people and I hope to get more friends.

U welcome....bagullake.....aakh ism kareem ? kam umrak inta ?

Hello everyone,

Just a little reminder : please post in english only as this is an english forum.



Sarvesh team

Hi everyone,

I am Pankaj from India, recently moved to Qatar (3 weeks). I love to explore new places and meet new people. I am working as Country Manager for one of the IT Company.

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