Legal capacity to marry

Hi I'm Neil, I'm a Filipino and I have a Spanish fiancee and we are planning to get married here this coming march but can't decide the date because we don't know how it takes to get a legal capacity to marry. I wrote the spanish consulate but they didn't reply my question but they gave me the list of requirements. So,I would like to know if anyone knows how long the spanish consulate can issue a legal capacity to marry? She will be here by March 2 until April 20 we have little time for it 😥. I hope someone can answer me. Happy new year

Hi Neil,

I saw your post and we have the same situation. I was wondering if I can ask you some advice about the matter. Your reply will be much appreciated. Thanks 🙏🏼

Hi Neil, Is there any update regarding on how long it will take to receive the legal capacity to marry after the interview? Thanks

Hi All
The first thing to understand is that the Certificate in Lieu of Legal Capacity to Marry is only a document that has been notarized by your government usually at there embassy or consulate! It takes only a few minutes to do once you have did your waiting time to be served! You fill out the document they give you at embassy and sign in the presence of official who calls you to window and raise your right hand and swear you are not married and are legally able to marry! That's it!

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