Cocktail Party this week

Dear Buenos Aires Members,

I am pleased to announce my January event, to be held on Wednesday, January 26th at Sugar.

As usual there will be no cover charge and Sugar will be offering happy hour prices to include: 10 pesos happy hour pricing until midnight on pints, well drinks and glasses of wine. Lemonade pitchers will be 20 pesos and soda, juice and aqua will be 8 pesos.

Sugar will be putting out some appetizers for persons arriving during the early part of the event to include cheese fries, nachos and onion rings and afterwards InterNations members can enjoy buy 1 get 1 free onion rings and a 10% discount on pizzas and salads. And do be sure to check out their awesome pizzas – the very best in Buenos Aires according to everyone who has ever tried one!

This will be a great opportunity for you to be able to meet your fellow members, grab a drink a coffee or a bite to eat, and get to know each other a little better. We hope you will all be able to attend.

This event is open to everyone so be sure to invite your friends!

Event Date
Start date: Jan 26, 2011 20:00
End date: Jan 27, 2011 03:00

Event Location
Sugar (in Palermo Soho and between Armenia & Gurruchaga)
Costa Rica 4619
1414 Buenos Aires

Wow, that's a chance for me to pop up, I suppose ;)

I was hoping you would say that!  :-)

Then, I will be there ;)

Great!  ;)

discussion sticked ;)

Thanks Julien!

I went with some friends to the event at Sugar.

I thought I was on a time walk back to my school disco. Everybody looked about 18 and the music was so loud we could not talk. This is not just me getting older, I am sure it was full of USA/European backpackers. I think there were some expats outside, but we were quite disappointed as it was very hard to meet anyone, and we did not stay long. Any chance of a different type of venue?

I do appreciate the work that goes into organising an event like this and thanks.

I guess we were at a different event because I counted about 150 of us there and we ranged from early 20's to early 50's in age. 

Granted the music tends to be a bit loud in Sugar, but this was only the 2nd time I hosted a party there in the last 3+ years, so yes - I will be having parties at different types of venues as I have been doing monthly for the last about 40 months. 

I have not worked out details for a venue for February yet, but will be doing so soon.  Also, starting in March I will begin hosting monthly Expat-Blog parties so keep bringing me input.