U.S citizens living in Albania .

My last two days have been spent doing research on Albania. For Americans I have learned that we can be there for a year without a visa, then leave for 90 days and restart our year again. This is the only country I heard of that has done this for Americans.

So I read online that there is a way to get a residence visa or permit for a year. Has anyone done this successfully ? I know in Italy it says the same thing but it's very unrealistic to try to move to Italy. I would like to know if the process is easy in Albania. I cannot find too much information about expats living there. I only find a few travel blogs regarding the beaches and hospitality of the people there. Has anyone managed to do this and stay there for more than a year?

Second question/concern. Jobs. From what I read there are no jobs. But is it still possible to find a job there? For a native English speaker. I work online, but as a back up plan I'd like to have something to fall back on in case my computer breaks or there isn't internet access for some reason.

Thanks guys!

The best bet would be to find a job that will provide you with the visa.... the u.s. Embassy has a list of jobs available on their Tirana website... jobs are hard to find there though...

Did you already move to Albania? Have you tried NGOs? What is your work experience/education level?

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