about visa tourist

hello, im just need to  travel  for albania  need to help me about visa tourist

i need to help me get visa

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In order to help you with your visa please answer the below

Why you need to travel to Albania?
Why you think this is the place to get a visa,rather then going and applying at the Albanian embassy?
Do you need long stay visa or short stay?
What was the capital of Albania during Scanderbeg time?

Please answer the questions above as quick as you can so we can asses your visa eligibility.


Notwithstanding bluskiy2015's unhelpful remarks...

You need to contact the Albanian embassy in Paris to acquire a tourist visa.  Fortunately, the visa tax is free for Algerian's.

Please search for more information using this link

If you have further questions, post them here and hopefully more helpful members of the Albania forum can guide you.

Expat-Blog Experts Team

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