Hi All,
My Albanian partner was sentenced to 8 months in UK prison for possession of fake documents. (He had a fake Italian ID card).
He has to serve 4 months, his released date is next month.
As he has been identified as an illegal entrant (clandestine) Home Office are trying to remove him and send him back to Albania.
We are about to put an application for him to stay based on human rights, family life etc.
I think its unlikely to get granted and he will ultimately be removed.
So - Then we will marry in Albania asap.
My question is this:
If he is removed and given the minimum mandatory one year ban for illegal entrants can that ban be revoked once we are married and he applies for a spouse visa.
I heard that previous immigration breaches are overlooked.
Assuming that is the case how likely is he to be granted entry clearance to the UK after we marry in order to apply for the spouse visa as he now has a criminal conviction in the UK.
Is entry clearance a must if we are applying for the spouse visa or is that part of the visa being granted?
Too many solicitors here claiming to know everything and upon LARGE amounts of money saying they can help so I would love to hear from someone who knows for sure the best course to take.
Thanking you in advance for your replies.

my advice: all the lawyers that are looking for large sum of money to clear his case -- all are scams 200%

They know very well that he is banned for 5 years within UK law of voluntary return.

Do not make the mistake of paying even a single penny.

You will find out at Albania Airport that his names is on the black list to enter UK for the next 5 years

You can try to find a genuine lawyer agency in UK which are -NO WIN NO FEE

if these people study your case and  refuse to take your case then you know that you have no chances.

Good luck

We were told he has only a one year ban and the only thing to override this is a spouse visa. Are u Albanian?

yes- i am albanian
I was in a similar case few years back,
I was told that I can come back after 5 years by an Home Office officer but was a lie. They lied to me in order to get me deported ASAP.
I paid all the expences myself.
After 5 years laps I attempted to go to UK for business purposes but I was stopped at Tirana Airport. They told me I was banned for 10 years instead of 5 years I was told

So - never believe anything on face value

You should try it and found out

wish you Good luck

hello mrsmagoos
any update in your case?
I am just wondering what happen with his case.
You can send a private message if you want


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