Looking for a German School in Dusseldorf

Hi, i am colombian looking to move to Dusseldorf next year (2017)  so i´m interested to find a good but not expensive school.

So if someone know a a German School that can recommend,  i will very please.



I take it you mean German language school? :/

Try the local Volkshochschule - they are often the best and, because they are non-profit, cheapest choice.


Yes - the Volkshochschule is indeed the best choice.  There's a main one in Düsseldorf by the Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station).  Good luck!   

Volkshochschule Düsseldorf

I am planning to move Dusseldorf from Essen. I am working in IT company and have two kids (7years,3years). I am looking for good bilingual school for my son who is in grade 1 in international school Essen.

Please let me know any good bilingual grundschule in Dusseldorf.

Thank you.


I don’t know personally about Düsseldorf schools but that is what Google is for.  But this subject in general has been covered extensively on this site. Public schools are good and they are free in Germany. But few if any are truly bi-lingual, some might emphasis English more than others. Most large cities have at least one International school, often with English instruction. But one can expect to spend around 1000 Euros a month for each kid. So one will need a very well-paying job or to have such thing included as a benefit form the employer to be able to afford it.

And while someone just planning to stay in Germany for a year might find a private school the optimal choice, it is very questionable for a longer stay. Where is the necessity since kids at this age are usually functionally fluent in German within a year if properly supported? Even if one hires a tutor in addition to the public school classes, it will be much cheaper than a private school.

I did a quick search specifically for bilingual schools in Düsseldorf and found the following links that might be helpful:

http://www.raising-bilingual-children.c … s/germany/

https://www.goethe-gymnasium.de/lernen/ … n-english/

https://gibsonhomes.de/de/112_internati … ldorf.html

My first choice would also be Volkshochschule. Second choice is a school in Duisburg, but within easy reach from Duesseldorf: http://institut-dsw.com/
They have affordable prices and the courses have a good quality.

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