Can i go on Final Exit even having unpaid Bills with STC?

no need to close ur postpaid internet account. i successfully final exit yesterday from jeddah. only thing is that u hv no car and traffic violation on ur iqama. rest is not required for final exit.

We have same situation Tooribai, upon checking with the Zain staff, there will be no problem when teaches to immigration. I opted to close my local number used for call and text.

Can I go to final exit when Kafeel not renew my iqama if yes please tell me procedure will be thanks full

I did all formalities and had final exit, then left Saudi Arabia without closing my bank account. I had zero balance on my credit card. But ran into financial difficulties and had to use the card. How to I deal with this?

Sir I still have a unpaid bill on STC and right now  i am going on vacation, can i go on vacation with out paying my bill. Im planning to pay my bill when im back fron there any problem in the airport sir?...thanks

ofcourse not if your kafeel is not ready to do so just go to maktab al amel mistry of labour or else any shurrta police station :)

of course there is a problem when you are taking final exit and lefting unpaid bills its like cheating with those company.
that is why everything is issued here on Iqama Resident id.
you just can not skip through it as you will be stopped and sent back from immigration counter to get your self clear from your pending works.
and mostly there are offices like zain, stc and many more at the airport.
if you have not cleare them you may clear them on airport.(for those who are on final exit)
and if you are planning to go vacation you may have to ease that its good news no worries carry on your journey for now :)
hope it works ....

Sir i just want to ask what happened now to your account?

Sir how about me cause i exit successfully before way back 2014 but the thing is i wasnt able to close my stc internet service will i be in trouble when i get back?

Sjr may i ask what happened now?

Hi sir how about going back?  Because my situation when i exit 2 years ago i dont have any unpaid bills but the stc internet service that i had that i thought  already close still bill progressing the unpaid balance was 2thousand saudi rials.. Now that im going back to ksa will i have a problem because of this?

now im going pakistan but i still have Stc Pending balances but now i convert my stc sim in mobily network now i go to airport he is hold me on airport ? i ask u you can help me plzzz

Salam Everyone,
My company once used my iqama to take 1  sim card of Zain which later my comapny did not pay d bill and its still pending and now i have decided to go for final exit will there b any problem in airport or when again i come back in some new company if i leave without paying coz my company is not doing it..
Can i go or i hav to pay n d bill is pending for more than a 2year now

You will face difficult at immigration if post paid account or postpaid internet is not cancelled. Visit the office and pay the due and cancel the account. Will be beneficial for you. Moreover you need to comply before going final exit

nakauwe ka po ba?

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I just would like to ask if it will not make any problem to me because i already paid my balance on stc in their office by credit card but in quickpay account it still unpaid ,, is there someone who can help me about this one because my flight will be on other day pls if someone know this problem pls inform me.

Could someonepls help me if i will have a problrm when. I return yo saudi arabia after not disconnecting my stc internet with unpaid bills pf 400 sr. After i  go exit last november Pls helpme. I did not have a problem leaving but will i have a problem if i return to thr airport for new. Job?

sir also i have the same problem. icannot pay my close account in Zain because copany terminate me and hold my salary. i talk to managers in zain branch and explain that i dont have money to pay that. they answer that i still can go exit in immigration even the account not closed.
sir is that sure or i will encounter problem in immigration.

Ahmm i think it depends on the balance..

Hi i think it depends on the balance..

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What happen now? Did you succesfully exit without paying your stc bill

Please give your phone number

hello kabayan does anyone here do final exit with unpaid bills such as Stc or zain?

i will not go vacation or final exit
my STC internet was already closed
i want to ask only if
can i renew or update my iqama with unpaid bills in STC ?

sir even if you still have unpaid balance of STC you can go final exit.?

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