Singtel Mob broadband transfer,1yr contract left

Hello everyone! One year ago I signed a mobile broadband contract with Singtel for 2yrs, 10GB, $46 per month. Great coverage, but not enough data for I have gone for regular fiber broadband instead.
Is anybody in Singapore interested to take it over? $20 transfer fee covered by me.
Otherwise, I will have to pay a fee for early termination :(

How about offering not a measly S$20 transfer fee, but something nearer to the (as far as I know) S$350 early termination fee that you would have to pay if nobody takes up your offer? this case I could cancel it right away and I would not ask if somebody would like to get it right? I thought about giving the chance to somebody that needs it for 1 year to take it over since Singtel offers two yrs contracts in mobile broadband. The person who would take it over will have to pay for the regular service to Singtel, not to me!

Well, in that case it would be fair to share the saved early termination fee half-half, don't you think?

I am so sorry but I will not share your opinion...
If you are not interested dear, I would appreaciate if you didn't spam my post. I believe it's clear and does not leave room for doubts... I will be glad to cover the transfer costs as I said, but in any other case if nobody is interested I will have to cancel and not give it away for free...We all work, make a living out of it and pay our expenses.

Hi sasprodini  :)

I guess that your message has been well delivered.
Any member who will be interested by your offer will then contact you. :)



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