Re-entry to Singapore with unpaid phone bill (M1)

I left Singapore in 2012 to look after a family matter in India. It wasn't planned that I would leave suddenly. I had to leave due to an illness in the family.

I had a 2 yr contract with m1 of which more than one year was remaining. I would suspect the total amount of penalty to be around 1200 sgd. I continued to make monthly payments for a few months but then I was financially stressed so I couldn't continue. I finally checked online 5 months later and found my number was not in operation so I could not check overdue amount or pay online. This was in 2013. I left no overseas address with m1 or contact number.

I'm planning to visit Singapore again this year and I'm wondering if my overdue bill could have led to court summons which I obviously did not attend and if that might have led to pending arrest warrant or legal action. Will I have trouble entering Singapore again for a holiday on tourist visa?

You should clear the matter with M1 and pay all outstanding debt and fines before you return to Singapore.

How do I get in touch with them? My phone number and account number are no longer valid

Call their accounts department, or the general customer support line.
I am sure they can find you in the system with your name, number (even if discontinued) and the dates from when to when you were customer.

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