Danish woman looking for job in Tangier

Hi. My name is Sophie and i would like to move to Tangier.

I would love to work:
- refugees
- in a NGO
- teaching kids or primary school
- Au pair
- teaching english or danish to children and adults
- restaurant
- social work projects

I am a positive and open minded and I am very flexible :)

Look forward to hear from you :)

Hi sophsoe,

I suggest you drop an advert along with your cv in the appropriate section of the website : Jobs in Tangier. If ever an opportunity arises, you will be contacted.

Also, you may read the Find a job in Tangier article, you will get some relevant information on job search.

All the best,

Hello  Mrs Sophie;  so as to  get  a job you  have to  put your  requests and your resumee  at the Interim  agencies  in  Tangiers  such as   MANpower  AND  aTENTO  AND tINGIS

Hi, Sophie

Do you speak, french or arabic ...? Academic and career background (to teach kids ..)?

Moreover, you've to remember that you're going to move out of Eu and if you're going to spend in Morocco more than 183 days, you'll need to get your Registration Card, considered as a residence card. Its duration and validity vary between 1 and 10 years, renewable according to the evidence provided by the foreigner in question to the concerned administration.

Required documents
Copy of passport
Two forms to be filled at the National Police or Gendarmerie
Six passport photographs 2,5x2,5 ;
Document stating subsistence means
Copy of ownership contract, or tenancy contract, or electricity, water, or telephone receipts, or the owner commitment stating the place of residence.

Find out more about the process in the moroccan consulate from your home country closest to where you.


When will you be in Tangier Fru!?

Yes, I speak arabic. Unfortunately I don't speak french.
I have a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Education and Erabic language. Its here I learned the language. I studied in Fes  in 4 months and have been in Morocco around 10 times.

I currently work in Denmark where I teach danish to newly arrived refugees from Syria and Iran.

Hi Sophie,

I saw somewhere a job offering at the American Language Center of Tangier, you try to contact them, as they are looking for experienced native/qualified english speaking teachers.

i am looking for danish teacher for work purpose
can you help? thanks

Unfortunately i am not in Morocco for now.
But curious what the job is about? Not many Danish job positions in Morocco

Technical support at a big international IT company located in casablanca, danish and english language required, good salary and health insurance guaranteed


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Hello Sophie , welcome to Tangier forum , all i can say if you looking for job in tangier you need to build your C.V and post it into the agencies that works as an intermediary btw workers and the companies , some are : Anapec and Manpower and Tingis ...
Just search in the internet and you will find more agencies and there places .
I see that its okay for you to work as a teacher in school and work in restaurant and social work project , if you want to be as a volunteer or ask the STF sanctuary animals in tangier for job they look for maybe you find a place there . For restaurant you need to be here to present yourself to the owner and primary schools are same too .
I hope what i wrote have some helpful to you , when you come in tangier you are welcome if you need any help such rent room or find places or anything .

have a good day .

Hello can i help you


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MANpower is your best chance

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