South Africans living in Cyprus


My wife Béa and I are considering retiring to Cyprus next year.

We are in Crystal Bay until we return to South Africa on Saturday and hope to talk to a few ex-South Africans about living in Cyprus before we leave, if possible - preferably "live" for a few minutes than just by text (which we can do back in SA).

Hope we can chat "live" with some ex-South Africans soon.

Alan & Béa Holm

Cyprus SIM no xxx

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Hi Alan & Béa,

Welcome on board  :)

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The Cyprus social network will be helpful to you. You just have to select South African > Expatriates and you will have a list of members, maybe you could send them a private message.

P.S I had to remove your contact details to avoid any misuse of those. You may however share contact infos through the private messaging system. Click on the member's profile > Send a message.

All the best,

Thanks for your help, Bhavna

I have sent messages to a few South Africans in Phaphos.

I hope someone replies before we leave! ;-)


Hi we are South Africans considering moving to Cyprus, did you move there? I would love to connect and chat if that’s ok. Thank you so much.

Hi Sayers,
I left South Africa after 20 years 1 year ago...since October`19 living  in Cyprus.

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