Weight loss treatments

looking for a rapid weight loss method. If any one knows a doctor or clinic which offers effective weigt loss treatment please do reply.

How many kilos do you want to lose in one month?

What is your height and weight?

Sorry to disappointed you but there is nothing as rapid weight loss method.

Thank you so much for your reply. There are rapid weight loss methods such as strict diet plans but it is so difficult to follow in my case. I need to loose more than 15 kg according to my BMI.

Unfortunately no quick loss. There isn't a thing called a diet.
A diet is simply what you eat.
Best thing to do is eat healthy and less calories than you require and exercise and your weight will drop in a healthy fashion. Healthy weight loss is around 2-3 kg a week.
Obviously there are ways to increase your loss with some certain supplements, however I'm not sure about their legal status in Vietnam so won't mention them but just eat less, drink water and exercise.
Weight loss is 80% is getting your food right.


I think doing excercises is the healthy ways to lose your weight, of course, plus with your diet.

I saw some people can lose 5- 10 kgs per month at Curve Center, , but I don't know it can be used for man or not. Pls.take a search

Good luck

Thank you so much for your reply. Please mention if you know something to increase the loss of weight. I will check the legal status..
Thanks again

Please contact me. I can share my experience :)

As my bother is a doctor he advise the dieter should do excercise/ play sports, only eat vegetables, drink mineral water only and do excercise when ur hangry only eat vegetables
Remember and carry out the points mentioned above strictly u will be a winner
It sounds difficult but a good challenge to yourself
Fighting for a fit and attractive body

Thankyou so much for ur reply... Sounds difficult bt il give it a try.... Thanks again!!!!

How will i contact you?

Please contact me and I could help you in this regard

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Please contact me and I could help you in this regard

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