Anyone on Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Vietnam?

I have a benign tumor on my pituitary gland so I have to inject myself weekly with Testosterone. Is anyone here on TRT over there and if so do any of you have doctor or source recommendations (assuming Testosterone can be purchased legally over the counter)

This is my most pressing dilemma about moving there

In case nobody has PM'd you and you are still inquiring, from what I gather if you can find a pharmacy that stocks Sustanon you can buy it OTC without issue. You can also get it delivered it seems from if you can decrypt the site registration etc. there with Chrome/your Vietnamese - if you specifically want enanth or cyp esters you may need a hookup at the local meathead sweatpit. I'm a lifter and was planning to just pack a few months supply but it doesn't seem that hard to get there.

Note I do not speak from personal VN experience yet as I'm not moving there until this autumn - any corrections from someone already there very welcome.

These people may have had different motives but maybe their info will help.  (see #5)

Have you tried ao dai therapy?

Victoria Health care

Did  you find out if you can purchase testosterone over the counter in HCM? Thanks

yes, but not everywhere.  might need to go to 4 or 5 to find one that will sell it to you

Try Saigon Pharmacy

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