Family moving to Sri Lanka, Negombo or Colombo?

Hi, we are an English family with 3 kids under 8 and are planning on moving to Sri Lanka at the end of the year. My husband will be working just north of Colombo. We would love some advice, is Colombo or Negombo a better place to live, find schools and begin our new life? If we lived in Colombo we would have to be north of the centre to keep travel time to work to a minimum.
I am visiting in September for a week and want to focus my attention and time.
Thank you

This is a tough question.  You will have better access to things in Colombo any activities other than studies since you have three of them the commute from Negombo might be tough at times.  Visit the school you want to attend and ask that question from the staff.  They may be better prepared to answer.

Hi as someone who lived in Colombo and chose then to live in Negombo for a better life style to live close to the beach and to a laid back town to the traffic, big smoke and rush of Colombo I may be very biased in telling you to move to Negombo.

So my suggestion is that you come for a week and see both olaces and make a decision. I guess schools will definitely be a deciding factor and commuting comfortably to work. Where exactly will your husband's office be? Sometimes the commute time ro it may be less from Negombo than through all the bottle nexk traffic through Colombo. So you need to weigh several factors including your own social life as to what you want to do in your free time.

Happy to answer any questions. Cheers! Raja

Colombo is a busy place with lot of traffic. But if your work place is north of Colombo and beyond Kelaniya bridge Negombo would be a fine place. Especially if you are a beach lover select Negombo. Kamal Semage xxx

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To be sure, we checked out both areas with an open mind. Of course, we looked at everything from a resident, day to day situation rather than a holiday. We thought about what we needed as individuals for being comfortable and feeling at home. For us Negombo won hands down in most every category. As for the commute, it also depends on how the commute will be made. For example, will he take a train, a bus (there is an air conditioned bus to Colombo), or will you have a vehicle? Only you will know what area fits your needs, so as stated above, try the areas out, and then make your choice.

negombo is the better place i thing.  that place is better for children and to you also

guys i live in colombo its very busy and everything you need is there and ease of access but very rush damn traffic artificial foods ect
but ma wife is from negombo the place i visit once a month for 7 days u feel the calm peace good food everything is there but little far but the pace is ideal for foreigners and who love beach and seafood

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