Creating a Business and Importing and Distributing in Vietnam

Hi everyone

I was wondering does anyone have any experience in establishing a legal business entity in Vietnam?

I am currently a UK resident and wish try and set u a business exporting luxury goods to Vietnam. I have spoken to a number of legal firms already but am struggling to get consistent information that provides details on price and all the relevant steps required to do this?

I was hoping someone here could shed some light or point me to a thread that details the standard steps required for a for a foreigner starting a business in this country. If any one had advice on the following it would be most appreciated:

1) Acquiring a working/ business Visa?
2) How easy or difficult starting a business is?
3) Costs associated with creating an enterprise.
4) Pitfall and likely problems.

I would also love to hear from successful expat entrepreneurs who have managed the above and how they have achieved this.

Look forward to reading the replies.


Hi, there is a Facebook group link where you may find some useful infos.

I registered my own company (export) 13 years ago (t was easy and cheap),
But since the laws here keep changing every days, it's hard to tell...
But do check that group, there is some good infos on it.

Hello, my friends from Norway also want to do this. I don't know how things go with them but they have not finished their plan yet. If you want to get a contact, I would like to share his cellphone number for you to make friend with him. I will answer all messages in my inbox.
Good luck!

Thanks guys this has been really useful.

I'm planning on travelling over in September for two weeks to lay the faoundations our new enterprise.

Any ideas about how and where is best to network with expats whilst I'm out there?


Just come, ìf you really interest, contact me. I m working in im ex field n also wanna import products from uk.

John Vu

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Import and distribution are tough. You want to touch the areas that Vietnamese government wants to protect the  most. Anyway, it only can tell if we know the kind of products you want to import first.

It happens often that you can import but not able to distribute your goods to end users, but  have to go through Vietnamese companies that are licenced to distribute such product.

You may want to consider invest into a Vietnamese company that is granted an import and distribution licence already. That is the way most foreign investors like to choose to avoid the hassle of licensing works on these areas.

I am an Indian National doing business in Vietnam.
you can google my company for "Goodluck Group Vietnam"
I am into import and Distribution of Granite and Marble stones from India and we also import from Argentina, Brazil and Ukraine some Animal feed products like yellow maize, SBM (Soyabean Meal) and RSM ( Rapeseed Meal ) into Vietnam.

Pls msg me if you still need any help in setting up and running a legal ImpEx company in Vietnam.



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Dear Mr. Cwholdings,
For your concern in starting business in Vietnam, I understand your difficulty when struggling with Vietnam law investment. I would love to give answers as below
1) Acquiring a working/ business Visa?
A working/business visa must be guaranteed under a legal company in Vietnam.
So there are two options:
a, Ask a consulting company which provide business visa service to offer your visa.
They will guarantee your business visa
b, You will acquire the tourist visa first, then open your company, then this company will guarantee your long-term visa.
2) How easy or difficult starting a business is?
There are some factors control the process of business set up in Vietnam:
+ Business fields (whether it is prohibited or required conditions to process)
+ Product (whether it is prohibited or need any license to distribute in Vietnam)
+ Nationality of owner (Seldom)
+ Location (sometimes, for some industries, starting a business in Hanoi (capital) is easier than in other cities)
For your distribution/trading business, it is a conditional business field, the steps of setting up your business could be listed as:
a, Obtaining Certificate of investment registration
It allows you to invest in Vietnam
b, Obtaining Certificate of business registration
It allows you to open company in Vietnam
c, Post license procedure
opening company bank account, company stamp, tax registration
d, Obtaining Certificate of business
It allows you to import, trade your products and goods in Vietnam
3) Costs associated with creating an enterprise.
Since it is belong to my expertise, I would happy to support you. Please contact me for the one time cost and long-term support
4) Pitfall and likely problems.
Some points you need to concern:
+ Amount of legal capital
+ Time of each steps

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