Can non residents Open a bank account in Zanzibar?

Hi there, I'm looking for some advice - is it possible as a non resident to open a bank account in Zanzibar?
We own a property here, and have insurance, but we have been told you need a residence permit to open a bank account.

You DO NEED a resident permit to open a bank account.
This is compulsory.
It is quite uneasy to obtain a resident permit in Tanzania nowadays.
If you are just retired and have no business activity, it will be easier.
But you need to be patient !

Thank you.

without resident status not possible.

I quote to your point that you own a business

This is much easier by owning a business gives you a right to open a Bank account
Because all Properties of foreigners are under ZIPA,the ZIPA gives working and resident permit before opening of any property to all investors or foreigners who are in Business.
  All business and properties are under Company name which makes you to be fully qualified to open a Bank account because the Company registration was done in Zanzibar with all TIN numbers from ZRB and TRA.

So,check your papers properly and consult you Lawyer on this,but it seems that you work on it on your own which is very risk.

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