school options in Jubail

Jubail Pakistan school is better

I take tuitions I feel jubail pakistan school is good

As near you get good residence location in jubail near jubail mall

Thank you very much for reply, I moving sooner and currently looking for accommodation, currently I am in Jeddah so it is difficult for finalize the accommodation without actually being there & looking on it. I will try to get one near Jubail mall, lets see if I can find one.

Thanks for your time & help

How many members in your family ....are you Indian or Pakistani how much yearly budget are you looking for .....big appartment near jubail mall are good

I am from Pakistan, with wife and two school going kids.

Budget between 18K-24K per year, for 2 bed rooms +Hall+ Kitchen

I Prefer monthly payment due to tight budget at time.

Hope I can get one in that area, just 10 days to go......

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