Schools in Guadeloupe


We are a British couple currently living in France, we have 2 boys age 2 & 3. We have to be in France for 6 months of the year but looking for somewhere else to spend the other 6 months that also has the French school system.

So wondering if anyone had kids in school there who I can ask a few questions? Also is there anyone there doing 6 months / 6 months. Lots of people here in Tignes do it as it's a ski resort so people are only here for the winter then take their kids to school for the summer in other parts of France.

If anyone knows anything about this or schools in general in Guadeloupe I'd love to speak to you?

HI ,
I m a mother of 2 aged 5 and 2 in school there.
Feel free to ask your questions.


Do you know about any English speaking schools?

I just got information from my company that I am going to Guadeloupe and working for 5 months.

My family will also come for 3-4 months and I have a son 6 years old. He should go to some kind of school when he is there. Can you recommend anything. He do speak English.

My doghter I 3 years old so any recommendations about kindergarten would also be appreciated.

Best regards Jan

What time do they start and end

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