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How would you describe life in Guadeloupe?

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Don't expect that a landlord will be honest or dishonest - you have to figure it out.  Some will be downright ready to make threats on your life if you don't pay everything they ask. Others will go so far as to offer never to deposit your deposit.  Some will charge you to pay for the water on a subcounter - legally, you do not have to pay on a subcounter, but if you do want to be accomodating, always see an original and obtain a copy of the bill from the water company - if the landlord doesn't want to give it, he's hiding something.
Of course, you can probably avoid any problem of this kind by going through a real estate agent, but the rents are generally more expensive and you have to pay a lot more up front.

Be careful of an unfinished roof : leaks and mold.

Be wary of a landlord who only produces one key per lock.

Many landlords expect you to bring your own mailbox: count over 50€ to buy one.

Tropical climate and low quality plumbing = many leaks per year.  Be aware of your rights.

Contact the ADIL association for free advice if you think something is going wrong or before then.

Be prepared for interesting ways of evacuating water from a house (i.e. kitchen sink and washing machine drains that empty into the yard. - try indian soap berries for detergent.

Garbage gets picked up 3 times a week.

Make sure that internet ADSL connection is possible before renting. (Get the former renter's name and old number and call France Telecom to find out.)

Check for fresh paint spots on may be a way to quick-fix leaks.

Ask at a local convenience store (not a chain) what kind of reputation the landlord has in town.

You can expect administrations and any service to be late or slow or both, but there are often nice surprises.  Smile, it could help.  And most everyone likes to chat.  Yes, there are those who cut in line because they know the employee personnally.

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