Meeting New Friends in Al Ain

I'm in Al Ain month ago and look forward to meet new people and have friends

Welcome to UAE I'm Dani I live in Abu Dhabi for 3 years and I visit from time to time Al ain. If you wish you can contact me

Welcome, lonely lonely,

I have been teaching here for 7 years, and know a thing or two about life and leisure, here.


PM me.. and we can meet and plan some events.....
or movie

My email xxx

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Hi there ,

I m looking to make new friends in Al Ain as i moved here recently , waiting to hear from  you soon

We have common interest, we might be nice  friends , pease write me in details of ur area of interest

Hi, i am moving to Al Ain this week and would also like to make new friends!

you are most welcome

Val.F :

Hi, i am moving to Al Ain this week and would also like to make new friends!


can you writ more about your self pls

Hello everyone,

Is there any places in Alain where you can socialise and make friend with other expats.

Hi and welcome to alain
I can be a friend and help you if you need somthing :)

You are welcome in Al Ain let me know if i can show you around


If you want to meet expats in Al Ain come to the Rugby Club, Wednesday at 8.00pm every week. There is a quiz night and it's nearly all expats.

Bring a few friends and make up a new team.



Hi there, care to connect?

I would want to meet new friends here. Cheers

looking for genuine and real friends

welcome,happy to find u, hoping quick response from u sweet guy,ok see u soon

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