New members of the Chile forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Chile forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Chile if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am a 50 year old white guy who is struggling to get work in SA.  I have tried everywhere and just get the BEE/ Affirmative Action attitude.  So.  I am now emigrating and looking at Santiago, Chile.  Please would you point me in the right direction if you know of any company who would employ me or where I should start.  I have a superb skillset and can greatly benefit my employer. 

Risk Management ,
Emergency Medical Diagnosis and Care,
Counselling, Personnel Motivation,
Database Management and Administration;
TEFL English Teacher
Brilliant Lecturer / Trainer;
Typing speed of 58 words per minute;
E-commerce expert;
Multi-tasking (Ex-Air Traffic Controller);
First Aid Instructor and Home-care nursing.

Thank you

I am also new here. Wish you good luck. I am working for Santiago Times, Chile's only english news website.

Hi Abbas.
I'm looking for work so i can escape from racism and hatred here in South Africa. Do you have a job section?

Hello everybody, I´m also a newbie at expat, born in Chile , I was taken to Canada as a small child. I came back  many years ago looking for my roots and found them...always remembering  my childhood in Canada, Tim Horton´s and Beaver Tails for example!!´s hard to find native English speakers here, especially outside of Santiago.
I´m currently living in Viña del Mar and work in the twin city Valparaíso.
For those of you looking for work (outside of teaching English which is what a lot do) you need to have basic Spanish skills and your studies certified by the Ministery of External Relations and the respective Ministery according to your line of work, Health, Education and so forth...

Good Luck!!!

Hello I am Jim Dorchak. I have lived here in Chile for 3.5 years with my wife and kids. We are originally from South Carolina. We live just outside Puerto Octay in the campo (at a secret location.... its really not that secret:) on a small homestead. We raise sheep, pigs, all types of chickens, ducks and such. We live totally off grid here using Solar power and well and septic. My sons and I have built the homestead pretty much from the ground up.
Our YouTube Channel is:

My Family sing in the regional Adult chorus for the famous Teatre Del Lago in Frutillar baho. My older sons are both Opera upstarts here in Chile as well.

In the former USA I was a real estate appraiser, broker and developer and I have stepped back into that role here in Chile on a limited client basis, selling properties for gingos to gringos typically.

I slaughter the Spanish language regularly and I am always trying to improve my communication skills to the delight of my Chilean friends.

Hello my name is Chuck Chuck if I live in Tennessee in the United States at this point in time I am thinking about retiring and moving to Chile and opening a small business I currently sell machinery for the furniture and textile manufacturing companies here in the US God has blessed me with what I've been doing for the past 22 years I am looking for a region in Chile that's close to where I live now mountains and trees we have all seasons I do not like the extreme cold here it gets down to about 28 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter I don't much care for that but I have read a lot about you like the farther south you go in the winter it rains a lot I prefer not to be there something below Sunday I'll go I think I do not like the weather such as in Florida so if anyone can make any suggestions I would appreciate it I'm just starting to do this I plan to move me and my family there

Hi Chuck,
I hope this helps you

Hi Chuck
We are family from South Carolina living in the Los Lagos region of Chile. The weather here is similar to the Pacific NW in the US- mild dry summers and cool wet winters and the only snow we get is on top of the nearby volcanoes. The farther north you go the drier and hotter it gets. Santiago has a  Mediterranean climate which is drier and warmer than where we are.  We have an off grid homestead and a small business. We retired here 3 years ago and just love it! You can see where my hubby introduced himself several posts above yours

Hey Guys,
im Dave, i just moved to Chile this week after spending good 7 yeard in Shanghai(China)
im looking for like minded people to make friends with, interested in cultural and language exchange.

C'est amusant, il y a pas mal de canadiens qui viennent vivre au Chili bien que dans votre cas c'est un retour.
Bienvenue donc !

Hi guys my name is meher i just arrived to chile a 2 days ago and am planning to stay here for long! Am from tunisia and i have lived 5years in china guangzhou before coming here with my wife. So hope i can find more foreigners over here to share our life experiences and change some ideas...


Hi guys, '
I am Lorena. I was born in Romania, was raised in Germany and have been living in Orlando, FL USA for the past 20 years.
Due to the current political situation that I am very unhappy about, I am thinking of countries where I could move to that are stable.
I am considering South America, because I don't want to move back to Europe and Canada is too cold for me.
Back in high school, my favorite German teacher immigrated to Chile. It stuck with me and I always thought of Chile as a country I could live. It is one of most stable countries in South America and has a lot of European influence.
I never visited, but I will next year in February. I would like to know what is the immigration process for an US and EU citizen to immigrate to Chile.
Any info in greatly appreciated. I am getting better with my Spanish day by day :-)

Hi Lorena
You can come in on a 90 day tourist visa which can be extended once for another 90 days upon which you need to either leave the country or apply for temporary residency. You can also apply for temp residency as soon as you get here or even apply before at your nearby Chilean consulate though I have heard it is easier to apply here and don't do it in Santiago unless you plan to live there but I wouldn't unless you have to for a job. You can apply at any major city near where you settle like Osorno or Puerto Montt . You need to make sure all your documents are in order before you leave.
best wishes

thank you Lori


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