Khmer Community

I am khmer and my family and I moved to Munich since late 2014! I am wondering/searching for Khmer People live in Munich!

You can find Cambodian (or any other nationality) members in Germany with the member search function:

Thanks for the info! Will do it!

Dear Khmer community
I am planning to move to Munich with my German Citizen Daughter, i would like to know some details about living style and Khmer Community
Please help us

Hi there is so many Khmer in munich but a few families. Living style!? What can i say. Every family have different rules and style. Language is very important here. Which part of Munich are ypu going to live? Public Transport is very convenient. When are you coming? We dont have Khmer community yet in Munich but are many in other Cities.


Hi, I am also from Cambodia. If you want we can meet each other for chit chat.


I am also Khmer live in Munich. I am happy if we can meet up.

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