Filipinos Community in Munich

Hi, i am new here in this blog and in Germany.
Looking some fellows filipinos in Munich for not to feel homesick  :)
so far i like being in Germany in my opinion.

So did you find any? I've met quite a few whilst I worked in madrid, and also Zürich, where i live mostly. but am in Munich on a project since April, and would like to find a karaoke bar.

hahaha....are you fun of karaoke Bar?
i dont find any yet as i am traveling a lot.

but there are karaoke bars in Munich for sure. Just wondered if there were Filipino ones, where I can eat a pancit and sing.
I found 2 in Zürich, and I am pretty certain the Filipino community in Munich is larger

I can't recommend you anything, I don't know yet too.

I found this
It is around 1 hour from Munich Hbf. Filipina might live to visit to see the Monastery Church, their husbands, because the Monastery also has a brewery there too. … enter.html

Sor a day out you could visit the church and brewery, then go to the Restaurant

Opening hours: Monastery

All year: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Andechser Bräustüberl
All year: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
(exept: 01/01 New Year's Day, Good Friday, 24/12 Christmas Eve, 25/12 Christmas Day)

Öffnungszeiten: Bowling Islands
Dienstag - Donnerstag: 14 bis 24 Uhr
Freitag und Samstag: 14 bis 02 Uhr
Sonntag: 10 bis 23 Uhr

Hello, kumusta? Your profile says you're in Berlin. Did you just move to Munich? I came here May last year so that makes me somewhat new. :) Have you met any Filipino yet?

Ok lang.Yeah I stay near the Munich...I am from. Germany if you have time we can meet to each other for known better

Hi like to be friend with u. I'm living here in Munich since 3 yrs. I don't have so much Filipino friends here,maybe can be.. :)

Im in!=)

Hello everyone! In Facebook you can also search for the group ( Munich Noypis ) where there are member of Filipinos living here in Munich. Just check out the forum and be a member. I am also there. See you around!  Ingat! ;)

Tony244 :

Hi like to be friend with u. I'm living here in Munich since 3 yrs. I don't have so much Filipino friends here,maybe can be.. :)

hello kabayan san ka sa munich?

Good morning I'm planning to move to germany for good with my kids . Is munich a good place for filipinos? Hope somebody can give me info or advice about moving in germany. Thank you. Youre response will be much appreciated ! God bless us all!

Hello sa lahat ng Pinoy sa Munich!

Just moved to Munich last August together with my family.  Looking forward to meeting other Pinoys here in Munich.

No problem :)

Hi I'M Hezel living in Munich. I"M from Bohol Philippines and open for friendship.  :)

Hi  I am also here in Munich.and want to make friends.



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hello Im a filipina and im in germany as well, is there any Filipinos nearby? anyway these are the closest cities that are'nt so far away from me ''Kaufbeuren Munich & Kempten! i hope i can find some kababayan to  whenever i got off Or some aupair like me. would be more interesting exploring the City with friends :) :D

Hi I'm from Munich also...

Hi, im just new Here, im actually Way far from munich but living also Here in Germany, but ill be needing a help from Filipinos Who lives arround munich to locate a certain Person..i hope somebody can help me here

Shyrich :

No problem :)

So your Here..i thought your in the Hospital??anyare te??

Hi! I´m not a Filipino..:_)
But if you need some help or some company just get in touch with me..
I`m often in the Philppines and I think, I know the Filipinos a bit..

You are in Kaufbeuren, this city is approx. 80km from my town Munich! However, when you need some assitance just text me..I know the Phlippines pretty well and I´m also following the German government project to bring around 2.000 nuerses to Germany to close the shortage here..there is some progress finally, which is good..

Anyway. your reply would be great..:-)


I am relatively new here too.

Let's try to get together soon.

Regards, Maritess

Dear Marities..
    can we know each other? what do you do here in Munich?

Hi, I am Ces from Bamberg. I am visiting Munich next week. Do you know any Filipino owned store in Munich? Please help. Thanks.

Hi hi indont speak german.. we just move here liken3 weeks but im married to a german with 1 child hope we  can catch up aswell thanks.. you can find me on fb ***

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Hi kumusta

Hi marites im filipina too maybe we can be friend

Hi guys! I'm also living in Munich. SIno bisaya sa inyo jan?

lemonpfeffers :

Hi guys! I'm also living in Munich. SIno bisaya sa inyo jan?

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Have a nice day!

Hello Filipino Community in Germany,I just like to ask how did you get there? I also like to go to Germany so I like to know some backgrounds. Thank you.

Hello Hezel, are you only opened for friendship with kabayans or also with European? Hope we can know each other. Just please drop me a message. Salamat dear.

Hello! everyone! I know that this is probably not the right forum but I will still take the chance. I move to Munich 7 months ago to learn German and pursue a study in Uni next winter semester. I am in need of room right now and I know how expensive and hard the accommodation here,I have searched in different platforms and still have no luck in finding something for a long term basis. If anyone knows renting a room by mid of September and/or by the start of October, please shoot me a message. My budget is from 350-450euros, bills included.I am a tidy and organized person and I have been living in Norway and Denmark for 3 years in total.I have a work here and getting support from my family. I am from Calamba City Laguna.

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Hi guys I'm a Pinay From Biliran  living in Nürnberg, I come to Munich sometimes to visit or just to walk around see new things sometimes. Will be nice to have some friends in Munich too.

Hi Marites, I'm Perlyn I'm living a little bit far from Munich but I often come to Munich cuz it's nice and lively there. I'm a mom with 2 kids. I'm Bisaya too😀.  Would be nice to have friends there too.

Hi Perlyn,

Where do you live? I saw your profile that you have kids. I have a sone. We could probably meet up once you are in town.


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