How to be a member of the filipino community in Zurich?

Hi all!Im a filipina with a British fiance living in Zurich Switzerland.We applied for marriage in Zurich and it was approved,now I am waiting for my visa approval so I can travel by June this year.I wanted to have filipino friends there to get a long with when I get there.Is there anyone who could give me an answer on how to be a member of the filipino community in Zurich?😊

Contact your Embassy in Zurich.They may have a list of clubs or communities. There is a facebook page too. A Google search will find this.

Oh,yeah thats right!hehe thanks stumpy😊😉

Hi leigav,

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Yes!Thank you!😊

How are you welcome to switzerland

I live in Wald, Zürich 🙋🏻   :D

You are going to live in Switzerland to be with your soon to be husband. While it is great knowing Filipinos here, never forget the very reason why you are going here: to start a family life & not to know every single Filipino living here. Why? It is long been a known fact: mingling with our "kabayans" has the cons & not only pros. So think again before you join any Filcom my dear. It is not that I don't like being with our "kabayans" but many personal experiences taught me a lesson that I am better off with few but quality "kabayans" friends. Life can be not so inspiring for many here so if your husband to be is an ideal one, you can be a subject of envy by others. I just recently helped one who was almost divorced by the Swiss husband. I even helped providing for her parents who were visiting here. The husband started controlling all expenses to the extent that her parents faced hunger. In spite that, she did the unthinkable by being so ungrateful. As it turned out she is a seasoned liar. She can fool anyone by her looks & words. So perhaps the husband has reached his limit of patience. That is one true to life example.

You are new to the place, yes. But you can soon integrate. Don't think that knowing some "kabayans" will make it easier for you. It can be the opposite. People speak English here so don't be shy to ask when you're going around. And if you see co-Filipinos who seemingly are not friendly, they too probably have stories to tell why. I know, we are very hospitable & warm. But my dear that can be most of the time be abused by others. So beware. Enjoy your new journey in life in Switzerland with your hubby to be! ^_^

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hi...pls we have the same situation but im still processing my on,,im planning also to go to zurich this june but di pa ako naka process nga papers,,pls i hope we can talk i need some advices if mauna ka sa akin and be good frnds f u get ther,,can i have ur fb name pls?

Hi guys,i am currently living hier in wettingen,somehow it quite hard to contact people specially if you are an expat,i just wanna meet a filipino close by my location ,im 1year and halb hier in ch..i love to do hiking hier and cooking

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