Roommate in Kiev

Two respectable young guys are looking for an educated, funny (moderately), working English native speaking guy as a roommate in nice three bedroom apartment with all conveniences just near "Poznyaky" subway station . Monthly payment is 1600 UAH (payment for the first and last months is needed for the first time). Room rent from 20.11.2008

tel. +380(50)9066216, +380(63)1866292

American writer and small businessman. Seeking apartment, either European or Soviet style, near Kiev metro for at least 6 months.  High-speed internet desirable. Can provide my photo and more info.

I'm genuinely interested in your advertisement.  I'd like to find out more about the apartment.  I am in the US right now, but I'm able to telephone.  What is the best way for us to communicate?


Hello Steven,

After discussion you candidature we have to refusal your. We think that it will be better for all, because we looking smbd younger.
So good luck in your search.

Good bye!!!

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