Urgent - Looking for a roomate or private appartment


I am looking for a roomate in Kiev, as close as possible to the city center, max rent to be determined (700-800USD). I will be in Kiev starting the 13th of sept 2012.

Also, I Don't have preferences as long as it fits the location + has internet.

Please get in touch with me : tim1286[at]yahoo.fr


Hello tim1286.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

The Shared Accommodation category in the Housing in Kiev section might help. You should post an advert there.

Thank you,

Hey Aurélie,

I thought the "Destination > Europe > Ukraine > Kiev > Forum > Accommodation >" directory would be enough, but I will post elsewhere as recommended.

Many thanks

hello. I saw your post and might be able to help. I am already living in Kiev but I am unhappy about my accommodation and am looking to move. I wouldnt be able to move untill end of september because my september rent has been paid for. let me know if you are still interested.

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