need to know about real estate in Ukraine

Hi every one,how is the weather in Ukraine?

i wanted to know about the real estate situation in Ukraine,i am very much excited and want to know more about land for sale,plots,residential,agricultural lands,farm lands all kinds of lands.

online links are welcomed

Well Ace, about Kiev I can tell my experience.
I was searching for apartment to buy inside Kiev and found most of them are very very expensive.

and what I found out with my wife, that out side of Kiev is much more cheaper, I'm talking about apartment or small two floor house, which could cost you something like 25,000 USD.

about Lands I dont know honestly

wow,i am looking for something which is on the Kiev city borders,like the country side there.

Ace, are you interested in prices or in ways of purchasing. In general a foreigner can buy any land except of agricultural, although this can also be done via structuring of the deal.

greykyiv lool,thats the land i am hunting for,tell me something of the structuring of the deal,is it kind of off the books deal or something. i am looking for farm lands also,somewhere near the city.

There many diffetent legal schemes. Most often are leasing (max lease term is 50 years) and buying land via corporations. E.g. you buy/incorporate a Ukrainian company and make sure there is another shareholder (a Ukrainian resident). For instance you own 99,9% of the charter capital and the other shareholder owns 0,01%. In such a case your corporation legaly is not a foreign company and can own farm land.
Another common option is to buy an existing company that already owns farm lands. In fact this is the most widespread scheme because it is the most fast and easy in some sort. However, often, such companies have loans, debts, land titles were not properly registered or obtained, etc. So it is vital to execute due diligence examination of such a company and its land titles.
There are other options.
First you need to find a land plot you are interested in and then lawyers will be able to consult you on the most optimal scheme in your case.
Feel free to conract me if you have more questions.

this is getting interesting,i was looking for buying agriculture land in future,but the company buyout seems good at the same time will have number of governance issues,legislation and taxation.

i sure will contact you when i want to get started with this decision.

Thanks for lending a helping hand.

And dose anyone has information about prices of apartment on the left side of Dnipro river in Kiev..?!
I'm looking for one with two rooms and in Kiev is very expensive

i googled them and found some,but they were pretty much out of reach.

Hey there,
Recently I just visited friend who lives near by the river in Kiev,didn't really remember which side unfortunately, he told me it's around $50k>.

Yeah Ace:

in internet most of them are super expensive, better by advertisement on the streets-which they are a lot in Kiev- or in newspaper. 
But most of them, are new in my case I am not sure my saving can stand for new one.

Hello Titinochka.

you mean 50 thousand Dollar or what..!?

Thank you for replay.

25 k$ usd is frikkin cheap i cant believe u can get an appartment that cheap in a capital city.... i would buy a few for investment if the rentals are good.....

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