How much is the cost of one bedroom apartment

Pls how much for 1 bedroom apartment per month in kiev

It's seriously depends on the location & duration of rent

Hi Peter. I have traveled here many times. Look through and reserve an apartment for a few days. The prices can be very reasonable. If you like the place, ask the owner about staying longer and paying them direct without using the booking agency. Usually you can get an extra 10% to 20% discount for a long stay.  I have a great little apartment near the American embassy for about 500usd per month. Hope this helps.

Hello Peter.
I presume you are interested in apt with a central location? If this is the case and your standards are western then expect the price somewhere between $800 and $1300. Thee design and additional amenities will matter of course.

Hey ...

I read your post of July 2015 about looking for apartments in Kiev. Very good & courteous.

I am American in USA, looking for same now for my girlfriend ... a few months before I arrive to her for summer. She is fluent in English & Russian, Ukraine resident; long time banking job in Southern Ukraine disappeared because of desperate economy in smaller towns. Horrible ... ! And with pensioner parents!

I'm going to look at places you suggested on the other two websites. Any other suggestions would be helpful ... such as safe areas of the city for single woman age 35. Female roommate with "share rent" would be nice. Also "unsafe areas" of city to avoid.

I know where US embassy is, but have had no reason prior to now to familiarize myself with all areas of Kiev.

Thanks for courtesy; good people everywhere ... just find them.


There are some amazing options for housing currently in Kiev, considering especially that a few years ago prices in Kiev were on par with major European cities such as Rome, Madrid, etc.  Today, I'd argue that Kiev is the CHEAPEST housing market in Europe. How long this will last remains to be seen, but the main reason is devaluation. Currently, it's possible to have a 1 room apartment in center of the city for around $300 and something quiet nice and luxurious at $800-$1200 per month ***

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what is meant here by a "1 room apartment? is it simply a studio apartment, or does it mean its a 1 bedroom apartment, then you have lounge, and kitchen and bathroom?

SEE HERE better on everything: … &city=Kiev

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