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Hi fellow expats

I have just recently moved to Århus with the mrs and I wonder if any of you guys could help me with a few things? I still have my English phone and it is costing me a bloody fortune. Do you know if there is a phone company that does deals when you call mobile phones abroad. I cant seem to find anything that can do that at a reasonable cost?

Also I need a newish car for work but I am not to happy about dipping into the savings (well the mrs is not happy about it) so I was wondering if anybody knows of decent loan company that is not bloody wonga with a billion percent interest rate. I Only just recently got my Danish bank Account so not sure the will help me.



The EU has passed a new law regarding roaming with effect from April 1st
Good news as prices will lower.

Not to forget the services Viber and Skype.

I am sure that the banks will help you because they get their profit from lending out money, but some times the car dealers can compete on the bank prices.
Else there is mybanker where you can get an idea of the expensives.

Have an idea of the car prices, then look here: … cgodEJENWw

Do remember that the prices are negotiable, e.g. you can negotiate with the car dealers as well with the banks'.

FDM takes care of the car owners, but you have to be a member:

Maybe you should consider a new car? Petrol, taxes, loans may be cheaper so the difference will not be so high.


What a great guide. I also have been looking at they have a good comparison site.

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