Moving From Beijing to Shanghai with dogs?

I have two dogs and a turtle. Planning to move to Shanghai. Anyone has experience moving from Beijing to Shanghai with pets?
Will it be much hassle? Haven't found much info on moving within China with pets etc. :(

Hello. I am in the process of moving to China with my 1 dog, a golden retriever. You can only bring 1 dog per passport.

I would advise you to legally register your dog at the local PD, which requires a residence permit. If you don't register your dog, and an officer stops you, they could try to take your dog if you don't have the card with you. A bribe will probably do the trick, but why risk it?

You cannot register 2 dogs at the same address ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF CHINA, but if you know someone there that can register one dog at their own address, then both can live with you and you will still have 2 registration cards.

Registration cards are specific to the CLOSEST PD TO YOU, and all PD (police department) have different rules and regulations for their neighborhood. NONE will speak any English. Note that aside from maybe 3 posts, all of the other posts in this section are a year old.

For as big of a city as Shanghai is, I think this definitely must not be a good expat website since there's not many recent posts....

Anyway, I am using a company and paying about $3500 to bring my dog from LAX in the USA to PVG airport in Shanghai. I looked at alternative routes to avoid quarantine, which have questionable legality, and were quoted to cost in excess of $10,000.

Quarantine isn't that bad - the dog will just sit in a cement room for 7 days. Supposedly they will get walked 2 times per day. This isn't enough to kill your dog, your dog will simply be bored in a cement kennel for 7 days. Do not play games with the paperwork or ASSUME anything or you will end up getting your dog(s) killed.

Like I said, either pay thousands of dollars with a company that will arrange everything for you, or leave the dogs at home. A dog that's sad that you abandoned him with family (or maybe they won't even really care to be honest) is better than a dead dog.

I feel comfortable enough about the arrangements through a third party to accept the risks of bringing my dog to China. I will never let anyone aside from myself walk the dog, and I will always carry dog registration card, proof of rabies, and even more paperwork.

Also probably 10k RMB just as a precaution if something goes wrong where I feel my dog's safety is threatened. Aside from some precautions, we will likely have a good life there in China together.

She can eat fresh meat every day because of how cheap everything is, and I'll take her on nice walks all over a new and exciting place. I also think that the general population's attitude towards dogs is improving in China.

I am going for 3-5 years MAXIMUM. Maybe in a few years there will no longer be size restrictions in Beijing, or maybe there will not be any more dog meat festivals etc...

Luckily, Shanghai is the best bet for a dog, as it only has a 7 day quarantine (30 days everywhere else), and NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS.

There are breed restrictions in Shanghai though.

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