How is the life quality of a dog in China?

Hiya, I am thinking of moving to Suzhou with my dog. Can anyone give me some info on what it is like to have a dog there? Are there any parks I could let my dog off the leash? Is there anything I need to be aware of?

Thank you so much in advance for any info x

No one replied? Maybe I am just not seeing them.  Ok so, every city is different with its own rules but mostly you can’t have large breed dogs inside city limits.  Note a Golden retriever sized dog is considered large here.  A dogs life here is maybe not as free as some other countries because the percentage of people who are afraid of dogs is huge here.  In the States in my first 33 years I think I probably met one person who was afraid of dogs.  Here it’s the other way round practically everyone is afraid.  I’ve seen grown men scream and run from a completely docile quiet Golden Retriever puppy as if he was a small child who’d just seen a vampire.  Also, most of the people who do have dogs here make no attempt to socialize their dogs. So there’s much aggression happening between dogs that do meet.  I live in Beijing but on the outskirts. We have a park and I know the other neighborhood dogs walking schedule so I do give my two Goldens some off leash time there every day.    Bigger cities often have better veterinary care than smaller ones.   I’m well into my 3rd decade living here, and have had 4 dogs here over the course of that time.  All have had happy lives.

Depends where you go,  I think.  In the rural areas, I would strongly,  strongly advise against owning a dog.  I had a little dog in a small town and it ended very badly.

In the cities, I've seen quite a few dog breeds that were well taken care of by their owners.  But as said, in general the attitude towards dogs is different than in the West. 
I personally wouldn't bring a treasured pet to China.

Thank you for much for your reply. If you think of any other info please do let me know.

I have the same concern. I'm a huge dog lover myself! I have 3 dogs with me here in the US but I've decided to leave them to my family once I move to China. I think their current lifestyle here is the best for them--lots of dog parks, less strict dog policies, and overall a more pet-friendly environment compared to cities in China.

I dont know about Suzhou, with golden, sorry🤔 We live in Shanghai,far from the center, in a guarded area where I throw tennis 🎾 in the evenings on the soccer field. We have a rescue dog… golden retriever 🦮

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