New members of the Norway forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Norway forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Norway if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello Expat,
I am a newbie on this chat forum. My long time desire is to move, work and live the rest of my life in Norway, a country that I so much loved and cherished. I /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\.
Can I get someone to talk to and exchange contacts?

It's Steven B. Foeday
Monrovia, Liberia

Hei! I'm Joao, from Portugal. I'm living near the center of Stavanger since some days ago. I'm working as an Au Pair. I hope I can make friends here! PM me if you want to go out for a coffee! :)


Greg from Australia living in Oslo wondering if anyone knows of anything happening for Australia day the 26th January 2016

I've been in Farsund for about 2 months! Would like to meet some people around the area for chats, drinks / beer / coffee :D

Hello, my name is Carolina and I'm new on this forum.

I'm currently studying for my bachelor's degree in Literature, Arts and Cultural Mediation. I  have two years until my graduation. I wish to attain my master's degree in Norway, but the more I read about it, the harder it sounds. I decided to join this forum in the hopes of learning as much as I can about Norway and life in Norway for immigrants; and I also wish to find out whether it's a possible plan for me or just a pipe dream.

Hi Carolina,

Welcome to the forum. You will find most of the answers while browsing through different threads or simply searching the key words in the Search Box. Also, you can check JOBS and HOUSING section for available jobs.

If your queries have not yet been answered in any other thread, please feel free to ask a question.

Enjoy and good luck

Hello !

My name is Umair. I moved to Oslo, Norway a few months back in October 2015. It was the toughest time of the year to move here because I had been working in the Middle East and switching from +40 to -10 wasnt very easy but still a lot of fun! I am living in Central Oslo and enjoying the sights and sounds of Oslo. Trying to learn Norwegian but it is not as easy as I would have imagined. I finally found an apartment via Finn and have moved in and settled down for good. Norway is a beautiful country and I have loved every moment of my time here.

Ping me if any expats want to have a few beers or coffee together any time! :)

Tusen Takk! ;)

Hi my name is Louise,
Ive not quite made the move here, but im almost here now. Im 48yrs old, and about to get married to a Norwegian man.
Im struggling With Learning the Language, my pronunciation is comical at best but i will still keep trying.
Im not quite confident enouh just yet to drive any great distance, as to me its the wrong side of the road but im getting there slowly, and it will be so Nice to finlly be able to do Things on my own, rather thatn to have to rely n my poor man all the time..
Any how i just wanted to say hi, please feel free to messae me, for friendship only.

Louise :)

Hi !

I am Ivana and I have just relocated from Denmark.
Joined this forum hopefully to meet some people to hang out / go for coffee since I am new to Norway.
I am 25 and I work in the IT industry.
If anyone is up for coffee / beer in Stavanger area, send me pm !

Cheers !

Hi guys, my name is Miguel and I'm an artist from Portugal...I'm currently looking to rent a room in Norway and start working there...hope someone can help me out here...

All the best :)

Hi my name is Jaz :) always interested in meeting new faces. Pm me if you wana chat :))


I'm new here in Norway. I'm here for Fiancee visa. I don't know what to do while waiting for our wedding day. And what to do after the wedding the papers and everything.


My name is Laila Pond and I'm from England :)
I hoping to move to Norway after my degree in wildlife conservation and maybe completing a masters in Trondheim! I have family friends in Trondheim but I have joined this website to hopefully get advice on a number of my queries!
Any advice ??

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Laila, thank you for your introduction  :happy:

I suggest you create a new thread on the Norway forum, detail your questions so that you may get some precise feedbacks from members.

All the best,

Hi. I came from Baku. I live in Haugesund. Would be great to meet good people and spend nice time together.

Hi! I am an American currently living in Switzerland. My husband was offered a job in Bergen and I have a ton of questions, so here I am. :)

i am mojgan. i am come from iran. i am studing environmental science and will go to norway soon for sabbatical (phd).

hi every one on the forum am Mauritian and live in Mauritius and am very interested to work in Norway and learn there culture and there food i would be very happy if any help me over there and also i speak french ,English and Hindi  my email ***

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Hi I moved from England
Looking to make new friends and find work and place to rent
Looking for a friend who speaks Norwegian and English
I am on Norwegian language courses and sometimes need help with application

Thank you

Am a Nigerian,  aspiring to school in Norway, pls i need new friends that can guild me through....thanks


I'm Julie, I'm from France. I just arrived in Trondheim (my boyfriend is norwegian) and I'm looking for a job (waitress, receptionnist, nanny...). I'm a geologist but it's kind of hard to find a job in this area! So if you have any tips about job, i will be super happy!

Hi, my name is wisdom, I'd love to be your friend

This website is so interesting!
I am in a relationship with a Norwegian man and it is pretty serious. We have been talking about the future and considering whether it makes the most sense for him to come live in Canada or for me to go to Norway.
I like the idea and am very open to going to Norway, which is why I joined this site. I have read a lot about the requirements to go to the country, the Visa options and so forth.
My biggest concern for myself is that I have some technical college but no bachelor or higher degree. I am very successful in Canada as I have had great opportunity to gain experience and work my way up. I currently work for an automation company as a project coordinator dealing with oil and gas and I love my job. With the lack of a degree I am concerned that it will be challenging for me to find work in Norway.
I am taking classes in Canada to learn the language so I will have a bit of a start before I go which I imagine will help me a bit but I am interested to know if anyone has any advice.
Cheers! - Jaime

Hi there.
I am from S.Korea. I've been living in several countries and am here in Norway now. It's been almost 1 year in Hamar, Norway, but still feel like  noob in everywhere. I teach in University College.

Hi all,

I'm Regina, from Indonesia, joined last June.
I'm married, on my second year in Norway. Lived in Fredrikstad with my small family  :)
I'm currently working at Norwegian Air Shuttle in Fornebu Oslo.

Looking forward to meet fellow Indonesian who lives around Oslo to Østfold :)

Take care!!


My name is Ellinor. I live for the time being in Vancouver, Canada. My citizenship is norwegian. My plans are to return and live in Norway and hope to connect with some nice and interesting people who are enjoying Norway. I do have some very good friends there.
Actually, I was checking on "where to retire" in Europe. I love of course France. Norway is basically home for me. I miss it very much.

My career is interior design consulting and I love the arts.

I am still in the planning process about my return. My hometown is Stavanger, but it is so long since I lived there - strangers are now living in the house in which I lived during my formative years.
Probably will visit Norway again in spring or summer. South of course. Colder the more north you go!!

Best regards

Hello, I' m Vincenzo, I' m from Rome, Italy.
I'm looking for a new opportunity in Norway. I would like to bring my family there e let there live in a civil and good country.
I'm a sales man and a sales trainer. I'm looking for a job were I can have relations with customer
Thanks for your attention

Hi ,
I am new on here ,my name is Stephen hall,I am 53 yr old mechanical fitter , I am planning to move to alesund with my wife Paula in the next couple of yrs
we are going to go to Alesund for a week in the summer next yr and again in the new yr 2018 to get a proper feel for the area ,
any help regarding housing and employment etc would be welcomed ,
we are in Cambridge England, and would like to learn how to speak Norwegian if anyone knows of any tutors
stay safe

I am new to this website. I am from Thailand. Currently working and living in Bergen,Norway. 😊

hi all

Just joined i think a month ago i love norway visited with family a few years ago and would not mind moving there and im also open to making friends.. just hit me up.. :)

Hello everyone,

I'm a British citizen who has lived in Norway since March of this year and only just discovered this website on my look for documentation information (they do like to make things far more complicated on their websites than it actually is I've found).

I live and work in the Buskerud region with my fiance and I'm just generally looking for other people who've moved here to share my experiences.

Good day everyone😊
It's Saide here from Philippines. I got 3 children all boys 17,15 and 3 years old. My boyfriend and I been staying together for 10 years but we just move back here from Singapore, Korea back 2014. 

I come here on and off...splitting my times between here and in the Philippines.
But this year I will stay here more than in Philippines as our son go to barnehage.

I applied an a residence permit last August 20's and got an email from the UDI that my application has been granted👍😀🍾❤️ I'm very happy as I can finally find a job here in Norway and enjoy the life here with my family but hopefully with my other kids...someday🙏.

Okidoki😉 I hope I introduced myself more than enough hehehehe....i think😊

Thank you very much to be a part of this group.

Have a nice day everyone🙂

Hei Adele!
It's good to start looking on this website site  jobb=jobs, rentals = utleie/leilighet!
Where exactly are you planning to move or leave in Norway? I can help with info if needed!
The best Reeli!

Right now moving to Norway is more of a pipe dream than a project. My only experience with the country was a trip I made there in 2015 with my climbing partner (I'm a rock climber). We started our trip by flying to Svolvaer in the  Lofoten Archipelago, where we planned to spend four days climbing. We only climbed for one (amazing) day before the weather turned stormy. However, this gave us a chance to see a great deal more of the magnificent scenery. We cut our time there short and drove to Tromso, where we managed to find a wonderful climbing guide. So we climbed for two days and saw a bit of the city. After that, we flew to Oslo, where we spent four days. One day climbing in a nearby sport climbing area (we found a guide at a local rock gym). Three days exploring the many attractions, museums, shopping, and I even attended a performance in the opera house.

Since then I have wanted to return. However, I would like to see more of the country before "settling down."

Hi my name is Mayeth I am new in this site, I am  from philippines and just resently  come in Trondhiem.

Hi everyone.

My name is Luke and I am currently in the process of moving to Stavanger from Amsterdam but I am originally from Wales. It'd be nice to meet some other expats or Norwegians so let me know if you'd like to go for a coffee or beer - especially if you can offer advice about living and working in Norway!


Hey guys!

My name is Vukasin Vulovic, nad I come from Novi Sad, Serbia.

For some time now I have been thinking of moving to Norway, so, any of you guys in IT industry that would like to help me out, I would really appreciate.



I'm Hera, I'm 25 years old, French and planning to move to norway in a few years. I haven't picked a city yet but I'll probably be moving to one of the major cities at first.

I am fluent in French (duh), English and currently learning Norwegian Bokmal.
I work for the state in different fields (administration, warehouse and material logistics, driver, etc...)

I visited Norway during summer last year and been in a few cities like Oslo, Bergen, Lillehammer, Stavanger and a few small places. Must say that I've loved it.

I'm definitely up to chatting about Norway in general or France if you are interested by moving in.

Hi everyone, finally joining the bandwagon! I am a Filipina, RN who had been working in the offshore industry for the past 4 years, my company has a manning office in Makati and our main office is here in Norway which basically allowed me to travel back and forth PH-NO all the time via my Schengen Visa. My fiancé is Norwegian. I am currently learning norsk- bokmål. I have been to a few places here to name a few like Haugesund, Ålesund, Ulsteinvik, Drammen, Moss, Oslo, Skien, can't remember the other places but overall I must say that I really fell in love with this beautiful country. I discovered this site just recently while I was anxiously seeking answers and procedure for pretty much the same situation like me who wants to get settled here in Norway. It helps a lot to learn and read from the forum here and I'm excited to share my journey soon.

All the best!


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