Advice on finding month to month apartment rentals

I am planning to be in Phnom Penh for 4.5 months beginning in mid-January,  My impression is that this is a bit short for most apartment rentals.  Am I right in thinking that most landlords are looking for leases of at least 6 months or a year? Or am I likely to find rentals on a month to month basis in Phnom Penh?  If so, what is the best way to go about finding them -  any suggestions?

Thanks for your advice.

your good... i have been going to PP for the summers.. 2 months at a time and have had no problems finding an apartment.

The best way is to stay at a guesthouse first and just walk around the area you want to be in.
Have you ever been to Phnom Penh before??/  do you have any contacts there?

Usually a tuk tuk driver can help u find a place. Its in their interest as they get a finders fee..

Let me know if u have more questions and i can try to help.

Thanks Ruvanes.  Yes, I have been many times, but always for shorter periods and never needing any housing other than guest houses.  I will probably stay somewhere around Russian Market, as the school I will use is walking distance from there. 

So, a couple more questions -- Are you saying that you have found month to month apartments just trolling the neighborhood you were interested in - not to use real estate agents, for example? 

Just out of curiosity, what do you typically find that way in term of their quality and price?

correct. I did not use any real estate agent but i know they are available. I say just cast a wide net and see a few places ..You can walk around russian market area. I cannot read khmer so i needed someone to come w/ me.

I am pretty close with my tuk tuk driver and he helped alot.

Do you have any khmer friends/acquaintances ??  if so they would be a great resource.

From my past experiences, I would visit a few places..  it ranged from downright horrible to really nice.

I personally didnt want to be by Riverside..its just too much. I dont mind partying/drinking over there but not to live.

I stayed in BKK1 .. this past summer i stayed by Thai Hout Market on Street 63 and street 352. Right on the corner. I paid $320 per month for 2 months. I could of found a cheaper place but figured was only there 2 months so let me  splurge a little
It had hot water, washing machine, kitchen, 1 bedroom and a living room.

When i was in PP the summer before i paid $250 for a 2 floor apartment.. kitchen , washing machine, 1 bedroom and living room..i wanted it again but was taken.

if you have other questions, keep it coming...
curious, are you teaching at a school? if so, which one?

Thanks again, Ruvanes.  Iddeed, I know that market in BKK1. It's a good neighborhood there. 

No I am not teaching in Phnom Penh - I teach here in California, but am on a sabbatical this spring and will be a student at a Khmer language school for that period. 

I appreciate all your help.

no problem!
That sounds amazing... how long will you be in cambodia for ? you said approx 2-3 months?

I just graduated w/ my masters degree and currently substitute teaching in nyc. I was tempted to make a move to teach in Cambodia as I can earn more now w/ a masters but there are just too many positives to teaching in NYC.. for now its the summers.

if you have other questions, feel free to ask away


no, it's 4 and a half months.  I also get to go just about every year for one month with students from my school here in US on a travel study course I designed. 


what grade level do you teach? where are you from again?

Maybe at some point I can pick your brain about that?? ( bringing students to cambodia etc)


I will be in Phnom Penh in june.. if your somehow still there, we should connect

Ruvanes, I thought I should continue this conversation through a message directed to you, so look in your inbox.

Speak to Vanny **. She has 2 apartments above Cadillac on riverfront in PP. We stayed in the two bedroom one for a bit in November, there is another smaller one bed version on the floor above.
We also have a motorbike for sale or rent if you know anyone. 125, massive luggage racks. My full viet papers. My TukTuk driver is looking after it at the moment.

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Thanks Spillihpleinad.  Good to know there are some apartments like that.  I probably won't live near the waterfront, but more like the Russian Market area. And I don't need a moto, as a friend is lending me one for my stay.  But if something changes, I'll contact you.

hi, wonder if you have find a place?  Would you like to share room?

Hi Gozillaj,

i haven't arrived in Cambodia yet, and will not settle on a place until I am there.  Your offer is interesting, but I wasn't really looking for a roommate.  I'll keep it in mind and contact you if things change. 

Finding rentals month to month basis is normal here in phnom penh. My apt im renting in BKK1 is month to month even tho I signed a 6 month lease. I would just google search apts for rent in cambodia.

Good luck

thanks patricksully.

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Thanks Chantoeurn.  Can you tell me the location more exactly?

Come stay in guesthouse close to where u are wanting to stay 1night and hire Good touk touk driver to travel the streets with you lolooking for signs of rent Best way

Thanks Wimbleton.  Don't need driver, as I can read the signs.  Am already walking the neighborhood I like.  thanks for helping, though.  That would be good advice for someone who could not read or speak any Khmer.

By the way, I have spoken to many apartment managers/owners.  They are often willing to consider less than 6 months, as people here have said.  I am just working on figuring out which one I really want!


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