Internship in France / Conventio de stage

I know that many people need to find the convetion de stage to be allowed to do internship in France and many don't have this paper . I had the same problem some months ago and i want to share the solution i found : i used the services of Bestudentagain : you can register in a university online of your choice and you get the paper in one or two days . It was the only solution i found.

Yes my friend and me have done the same . It was really secure and fast . And now we are in internships in a big company near Paris !

Yès i confirm, it's a very easy and cheap solution to get a convention de stage, they are not so well known but it works and the service is reliable

The laws in France are very flexible for internship programs. After internship, at the time of joining a company, you need to sign an agreement with the employer. According to which, minimum salary and working hours is fixed. If you are in metallurgy category, you can read every details about such agreement here:

Anyway, if you aren't student, it's the only way to get one.

yes you need this paper (convention de stage and not convention collective...not same ) and the best and most easy way to have one i found here is to go with bestudentagain , very useful and great service !

Yès i also use the convention that i got from Be Student Again and did an internship in a communication agency

Be Student again give you the possibility to be a student again and to have right to the convention de stage as any student ! Their convention is the same than the others, no problem at all wth it

For me Be Student was also very convenient because the courses were in english, easier than french when you arrived, isn't it ! :-)

Hi i just wanted to know if as a non-european, i can use also Be Student Again ? Thanks

yes everybody can do an internship in france. No need to be french or european. And same to use the service of bestudentagain

thank you, i called and they explained that everybody who wants to do an internship in France can subscribe.

Hi Pecorino!

How did it work for you? Could you get the visa for the internship?

I am afraid to use it because of the Consulate/CampusFrance, like how do I explain that I study abroad (for the 200 presencial hours) but live in my home country.

Hey andrea!
Could you get the visa for the internship?
And how did you explain to the Consulate or CampusFrance that you study abroad (for the 200 presencial hours) but live in your home country?

I also used the online Courses with be student again and it was very Quick and easy

no, you get a Convention to do the internship in a french firm, the visa is Another thing but call be student again, they speak English and they can explain it to you easily

i Think presencial mean participate not physical presence

Well to be precise, the law has change and now Be Student again includes also real presential hours in the package, but you can do an internship in France even if the course session is abroad, no problem with that !

yes as Fabinou said, the law has changed and now you have to be physically at the University for a few monthes

Hi all, i m interested in having a Convention de stage and iwould like to know if they have something in education sciences

I don't know all the formations they have but i know thet they have a waste range
just give them a call, they will explain for free !

Yès i did the courses in Madrid and it was very effective and interessant !

I did the courses in Mexico and it was very good !

Is this "Be Student Again" an interessant offer for a non french student ?

yes of course it works fine with non french students. You can use bestudentagain whatever your nationality , to make an internship in a company in France

Yes right i m japonese and i did my internship with be student again

Thank you ! I contacted Be student again last week and on monday received m'y convention in order to begin the internship in september ! Great offer

Do you know If i can pretend to this be student again s convention even if I m not university graduated but private school graduated ?

Yes it works fine with bestudentagain if you are graduated from a private school . No problem

Yes all kind of graduation is acceptée par Be Student Again

Thank you  :heart:

Hi, I have been following this thread. I would really love to do an internship in . I wanted to gain some clarity. Does the fee that they charge cover the course or is that separate. Second after you are registered for the course does this meet the requirements for a student visa,. Third are these courses all online or do you meet in a classroom

Yes Sony, the fees cover the course and there are courses on line + courses on a real student campus abroad, that s very convenient and mostly legal

Yes Sony, there are courses in classroom on the university' s campus you re in with Be Student Again and it' s Fully legal

Wow this is nice.  Do they offer sponsorship on the courses you want?

Call them Ayeko, and they ll explain, i did my internship in Mexico and it was fine

Ok. Thanks

How much is it for the convention de stage at the moment at be student again ?

430 euros, gabinono, at the moment

Thanks romano, i need to to an internship as quick as possible

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