Internship in France / Conventio de stage

Yes fashion and design by Be Student Again is amazing

Actualy the design and fashion is very interesting and well done

Two of my friends have choosed design and fashion with be student again and they are delighted

Yes that s also my point of view

And it s also interesting to see more and more students involved in this education cursus


Do you know the minimum level required to pretend an internship with Be Student Again ?

Okay i got the answer, baccalauréat and after

A friend of me has done an internship just after one year in university and was delighted

He said to me that they were very kind and clear when he called be student again, they were very helpful, accordino to him

Yes that’s true, they are available and always nice

I did fashion and design and enjoyed

Me too !

yes fashion and design courses that you can find in bestudentagain are high quality !

That's true

Yes Julie that’s True, i encourage my friends to do it

Fashion and design is great !

I m interested in following another education with be student again ! Fashion and design sounds great !

Yes it is emilienou, don t hesitate ! Just do it !

Hello everyone,

I am Aman Batra. I have been offered an internship with a company in France. But i have to obtain a 'Conventon de Stage' and as i am not a student now, i would like to register with BeStudentAgain to get the document.

Also, the company which is offering me the internship is asking for a sample 'Conventon de Stage' to have a look and get convinced properly.  So, would it be possible for anyone in the forum to forward me a sample 'Conventon de Stage' which you have obtained from BeStudentAgain. It can just be your old 'Conventon de Stage', which is not useful now and which can be shared or it can also be a blank 'Conventon de Stage', if you have one.   

Thank you,

You can may be contact be student again, it s simplier i Guess

Yes contact them on their website and i am pretty sure that they can give you a blank form or a sample as you say

Hi everybody, i signed for fashion and design with Be Student Again and it s very interesting

I also did it and it was very good !

I can warmly recommend it

Do you know if they have new education ?

Fashion and design is the new one

Okay many thanks

Hello, i m interested in following an internship with Be Student Again men do you know how much you need to pay ?

You need to pay 480 sek but it s a real investment on the future

A friend of mine did it and hé was very really about it

I agree, Be Student Again is very useful for students !

By the way, do you know il they planned new educations for 2019

I think so, call them

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