Diploma can register in Saudi council of engg


    I joined in a new company as Mechanical engg. But I completed 3 yrs of diploma..Can I get Engineer Iqama....Or any other category for Diploma...

But My Job is Mechanical engg.....My company told me to register in Saudi council of engg.....Can i register....I am Diploma in mechnical engg...

Plzzz help me

hahahahahaha dear whos tell you that register your self in SCE as Diploma holder???

Sardar Umar Khatab :

hahahahahaha dear whos tell you that register your self in SCE as Diploma holder???

What was funny that made you laugh so hard? Anyone asking a question must be politely replied rather than made fun of.

SCE registration is for Engineering degree holders; not for 'Associate' certificates You answer thus is: 'No'.

You must ask for another visa profession from your employer. Or, you'll find troubles all the way from visa endorsement to Iqama issuance.

Thanks u Sir...

But my company given me Engg visa...And They want me to b an Engineer... They are keep on telling to register...I got my certificates attested by Indian and Saudi Embassy...HRD and all other things completed.... What can I do now...Plzz...Help me...Shall I try once...Shall I apply once...If I applied means what will they fell

Dear, i think you have possibility to registered with SCE as Technical Engineering. There are three categories
1. Engineer (Bachelor degree from a recognized Univeristy)
2. Technical Engineering (Bachelor Degree or Equivalent from Recognized University or Technical College)
3. Technician ( For ITI and 2 years vocational Courses from recognized institute)

So, here i can suggest you that you can go for option 2 and try.

Best of luck and wishing you all the best.

Hi bro just want to ask if you have any idea about getting a family visa which is member of saudi council? Im also member of Saudi council as technician General Draftsmen to be exact, Am i eligible for family visa?

Thank you

https://www.saudieng.sa/English/Eservic … cians.aspx

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HI Dear ,
   some one guided me wrong and  I have applied saudi council of engineer in 2015 and it was rejected because i uploaded my 3 years diploma degree instead of engineer, so my application get rejected, later i did not try again because i dont have engineering ,now i need to renew my iqama my profession is communication engineering technician , i want register myself in saudi council as technician but if login my old username i dont any option to update , i cannot create new one also, kindly help me to solve this problem.

with regards - Mahesh

Manish bhai solve ur problem?

Dear any one can guide me.i am working as technician but I have bachlore degree of engineering .How can I register my degree in sce.thanks

Vocational course for 2yr can also apply in diploma or without diploma

Syed[at :

00785]Vocational course for 2yr can also apply in diploma or without diploma

1- What is your Iqama profession (VISA).
2- How many years of experience do you have.

If your diploma is similar or related to your profession appeared on your iqama go and register as Technician (Diploma holder). Disadvantage for non-diploma registration is temporary, and if you fail to upload the required certificates asked by SCE within reglamentary period, your membership will be revoked/ null and void.

I have Fannie  mechanic in Iqama and I am Technician  in automotive line BMW /JLR  brand working experience 7yr same company and
I have  Vocational course for 2yr in Automobile AET

So can i apply in diploma on SCE and can I get same professional in Iqama

Sorry but automotive mechanic is not listed in SCE lists of non-engineering profession. See below link. So, no need for you to get registered in SCE - good for you no headache for registration, renewal etc.  :)

Lists of Non- Engineering Profession

It is in list light vehicle Technician listed 74 in SCE

Your iqama indicate you are fannie mechanic. Try to register in SCE, but ensure your diploma in Vocational course for 2yr in Automobile AET is authenticated and attested in Saudi embassy at your home country.

To register follow there simple process: Upload the following documents to the SCE profile that you have created:

- Attested diploma, both sides.
- Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan.
- Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
- Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
- Copy of Passport.
- Personal Photograph (passport quality).

*Note: All documents are subject to verification from the issuing agency.

My iqama profession is technician but id ha mechanical engineer degree i dont have diploma can i register as a Technician on Engineering degree.

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