Diploma can register in Saudi council of engg


    I joined in a new company as Mechanical engg. But I completed 3 yrs of diploma..Can I get Engineer Iqama....Or any other category for Diploma...

But My Job is Mechanical engg.....My company told me to register in Saudi council of engg.....Can i register....I am Diploma in mechnical engg...

Plzzz help me

hahahahahaha dear whos tell you that register your self in SCE as Diploma holder???

Sardar Umar Khatab :

hahahahahaha dear whos tell you that register your self in SCE as Diploma holder???

What was funny that made you laugh so hard? Anyone asking a question must be politely replied rather than made fun of.

SCE registration is for Engineering degree holders; not for 'Associate' certificates You answer thus is: 'No'.

You must ask for another visa profession from your employer. Or, you'll find troubles all the way from visa endorsement to Iqama issuance.

Thanks u Sir...

But my company given me Engg visa...And They want me to b an Engineer... They are keep on telling to register...I got my certificates attested by Indian and Saudi Embassy...HRD and all other things completed.... What can I do now...Plzz...Help me...Shall I try once...Shall I apply once...If I applied means what will they fell

Dear, i think you have possibility to registered with SCE as Technical Engineering. There are three categories
1. Engineer (Bachelor degree from a recognized Univeristy)
2. Technical Engineering (Bachelor Degree or Equivalent from Recognized University or Technical College)
3. Technician ( For ITI and 2 years vocational Courses from recognized institute)

So, here i can suggest you that you can go for option 2 and try.

Best of luck and wishing you all the best.

Hi bro just want to ask if you have any idea about getting a family visa which is member of saudi council? Im also member of Saudi council as technician General Draftsmen to be exact, Am i eligible for family visa?

Thank you

https://www.saudieng.sa/English/Eservic … cians.aspx

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