roommates in tehran

ım a math student and ı m looking for roommates to stay at a home in tehran.
and ı find out a job whatever to work for my needs

ım looking for ur news.

Hi Eskanarslan,

I want to inform you that I have moved your discussion to Tehran forum so that you can get accurate responses from members in that region.

You can also post an advert on the Tehran classifieds page Category>Accommodation>House Share, Room Share

Wish you all the best

now clear...

ı did now

I hope your doing well
Where are you from?!? & what do you exactly need!?!

Naghmeh, that thread is 3 years old :whistle:

What do you mean?!?

Naghmeh :

What do you mean?!?

That the person posted that question 3 years ago :|

Hi what fo I mean by what?!?

mige in post male 3 sal pishe!!!

Hello amiraryan -> Could you please post in english on this English Speaking forum? :)

Thank you,

hi.i just told her that this post is for 3 years ago:D


Please say to me what is your city and university  now ???

Lol...... guys ..... such dumbos I never met before.

Sorry just cant keep queit.

Hello Amir, how are you doing now, long time no news from you. She made me laughing much, as she seems behave stupidly... even Julien and Armand restate the subject in other ways in response to her question, yet she couldn't get the matter :)))

I'm looking for room in Tehran. I'm male and I have girlfriend.

Hi shahriyar1 > for accommodation search, you should post your ad in the housing in Tehran section.

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