Advice on moving to Lisbon

Hi all,

My partner and I are contemplating moving from our home in Manchester to Lisbon at some point next year.

I am planning to obtain a CELTA qualification, which will hopefully allow me to pick up some work as a teacher. My partner currently works in security, however he would be willing to take up any role in the city, as we understand jobs can be hard to come by if you don't know the language.

We are currently looking into rental prices in the city, however most of our internet research has led us to holiday rentals and serviced apartments. Could anyone please advise us on the best place to find a one bedroomed apartment for a short term letting (probably around six months to begin with)

Also, do you have any other tips before we decide to make the move? Any advice will be gratefully received  :)

Try the site called casa sapo. The search engine also exists in English. You can choose any region of Portugal and then filter out what you are looking for by size, price and many other options.
Here is the link:
However, if you are looking for renting an accommodation from an individual rather than from a real-estate agency, try searching the olx site in Portugal.
Good luck!

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