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Hello guys!!!
Our school is looking for new teachers ( Spanish and English) for kids age 2-6. We are looking for somebody who loves kids, is a native speaker and is living or wants to move to Kiev and can start from September.

Our email is ***

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I may move to ukraine , I have a child who only speak English , is there schools that use the english language to teach. I don't mean the international schools because they are quite expensive

Thank you

Hello! I think the best way will be to google that. But truthfully to say, I think only international schools are English here in Ukraine


Thank you for replying.
I have googled a lot , did not find any school , except for 3 international schools ,but they are quite expensive.
Since then I have been trying to find affordable english or even bilingual school,

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I wanted also to ask you about life in Ukraine , good places to live in kiev , things to watch for , things to do , things to never Do, any information that make life easier.

Best regards

Although not a native speaker, my English is in no way inferior to that of a native. I am fluent in Spanish too. I had lived in Ukraine for 14 years. Please let me know the details regarding your school on my e-mail *******************

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[at] ira g. > Can you please post your job offer in the Teaching jobs in Kiev section?

It is more appropriate.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Please, What type certification do you require?
Thank You,
Gary L. Watson


i am interested in spanish - english teacher job in Kiev, i speak also some russian and i love children )))
i lived 10 years in Spain and have also high English level.

best regards
Nuno Rodrigues

Hi ,
I know your email is rather old but my wife who is Colombian and a qualified Spanish teacher will be arriving in Ukraine Kiev from September 10th this year 2018.
I can send you her CV if you are interested.
regards Simon Atkinson

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