Looking for a job in Kiev

I am Spanish from Barcelona and I would like to move to Kiev. I am looking for a job and I will apreciate very much if someone can help me.

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It would be much appreciated if you can write down a few more words about yourself and maybe let us know in which sector you are looking for jobs please as more details might bring better guidance :)

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Hola Maximilien
Gracias por tu mensaje. No he detallado más el tipo de trabajo que estaría buscando porque me parece un poco complicado ser muy exigente en un país donde no entiendo ni hablo su lengua.
Ahora mismo sigo en Barcelona y trabajo para una empresa de dietética y nutrición como visitadora médica.
Pensaba tal vez en algun tipo de empresa española que quisiera abrir mercado en Ucrania o tal vez a la inversa. Soy bilingüe con el catalán y también hablo y escribo inglés. Entiendo y leo italiano pero no lo escribo.
Si necesitas más información, estaré encantada de facilitártela

Hello Anna.
Job in Kiev depend on what your type of professional, there is a lot of Ukrainian youth who is searching for work for months and hard to find, although there is many chances to take.

anyway some says that the best way to find a work in Kiev is by using the recruitment  agencies.
One guy  wrote a list before here on Expatblog and I copied them and here they are.

Here is a list of some in Kiev:

Action Data Group    Simferopolskaya 21    370 2282
A.C.A. Worldwide
Executive Search Recruiter     Avtozavodskaya 18 office 7    469 2699
Ancor    Kreshatyk 50a    495 1520
Argus    Chapaeva 4g    230 9277
Brain Source International    Sportivnaya Square 3    390 5010
Capital Recruiters    Dimitrova 5, building 10A, off.602    359 0362
Clarus    Voloskaya 36    461 9794
Dopomoga    Bratskaya 6    238 6662
Edelweiss Management Consulting GmbH    Verkhniy Val 4A 2nd Floor off 216
495 3011
Elit Personal    Raskova 19    586 4866
Employment    Ivana Kudry 5    522 8437
Golden Staff    Basseyna 5b    289 3803
Headhunter    Krasnoarmyiska 18    230 8739
Hill International Ukraine    Shovkovychnaya 36/7    253 3850
HRC Talents    Frunze 12    492 9209
Hudson Global Resources    Krasnoarmyiska 77a    490 2916
IT Jobs    Sakaganskogo 24    287 0203
IT-Personal    Pobedy Avenue 96    503 0423
Keen on People    Patrisa Lumumby 4/6    206 1281
Lugera & Makler    Sahaidaichnogo Street 25B    498 5177
On Time    Anri Barbusa 22-26    528 9372
Personal-Service    Leontovicha 9    234 5010
Promotion    Borisoglebskaya 16b    467 7872
Agency Recruit Alliance     Institutskaya 16, off.61
237 1696
Staff Service    Frunze 1/3    467 6849
Staff Standard    Nikolsko-Slobodska 2b    541 0656
Top Consulting    Luteranska 3, office 55    278 3686
Venbest Recruiting    Pobedy Avenue 90/1    503 6613
World Staff    Bazhana Avenue 1m    531 8437

try to contact and wish you good luck Anna :)

Dear Anna,

I would wait until the political situation has calmed down prior to moving to Kiev.  There are a lot of changes in the Ukraine and the future is still not clear.  There is a lot of emotion being expressed.  Today the American Embassy has authorized the family members of American Diplomats to return to the United States.  There is a travel advisory to traveling to Kiev, Western and Southern Ukraine.

I wish you the very best.in moving to the Ukraine

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