Dental work in Mexico 2015-2016

Hola todos. I recently moved to SMA and need an implant and a replacement crown. Can any one suggest an excellent dentist  here? I'm bilingual so it doesn't matter if they speak English. Thanks!

The bridge repair is still good after 6 years.  My dentist in CA would have insisted on a new bridge, Dr Mendiola was able to save this one.  I had 11 gold crowns. 10 years later they began to fail. I had 9 root canals in an effort to save them but I lost every single one.  There was PAIN and expense.  All were lengthy procedures.  Root canals do not guarantee saving the tooth. I was told my gold crowns would insure I would never have a problem with those teeth and all but two abscessed and as I noted, I lost those teeth in spite of root canals.

This root canal necessary to fix my bridge took 35 minutes absolutely PAIN FREE, That was at the time of my bridge repair,six years ago  No failures.  Read my earlier report on Dr. Mendiola.

There is absolutely no guarantee with root canals.
My first one lasted 20 years in Philadelphia; a real expert and careful specialist, expensive but I had super insurance and my copay was low.

The dozen or so later ones lasted as little a 5 years.  I've lost 3 teeth to root canals that didn't last.

Thank you so much for your response and everything you post. I really appreciate the information :)

Please tell me more about your dental experiences in Mexico closer to the east coat of the US. I live in the Tampa/St.Pete area of Florida.
Could you also provide me with the name of a good dentist in that area? I plan on having dentures implanted.

Or if anyone could help me with such info, it would be greatly appreciated.

I can only guess that Cancun might not be too costly to get to and is likely to have dental professionals with qualifications that suit dental tourists.  Los Algodones, on the Arizona order would be accessible from Phoenix, San Diego or Yuma City,

I have a friend who lives part time at Yuma and goes over to Los Algodones for dental work.  When he comes back home to northern California and sees his longtime local dentist he is told the work in done in Mexico is as good as anything he would get in California.

As noted above:
"In Seattle, the quote was $2,400. I had it done at Dental Bernal for $1,200...and that included round-trip airfare from Seattle to Las Vegas, a rental car for a week, and hotels for a week..."

Flying to Los Algodones for two cavities is probably not a good deal. Taking care of implants, crowns, etc. a very good deal!

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Piggy-backing on all of the above.   I will be in the Puerto Vallarta area and was wondering about crown replacement costs (about $1200 in USA) and referrals.   Thanks!

I'm nowhere near Puerto Vallarta.  The opposite side of the country almost.  I just had a crown done for 1500 pesos.

That's very good.   Only $80 USD or so.   It will cost more in PV I'm sure but just wanted to get an idea of what folks are paying in more populated areas (PV, Cabo, Mazatlan, etc...).    Thanks.

My San Antonio Tx Dentist just quoted me $6000 for 1 dental implant.  An easy one forwards the front.  I checked in Piedras Negras Mx just across the border $1200. 
What is wrong with this picture? No way I’m donating to her Mansion on the hill- I’m headed to Piedras - stopping at the casino on the way - back (lol)

rubytue60 :

Piggy-backing on all of the above.   I will be in the Puerto Vallarta area and was wondering about crown replacement costs (about $1200 in USA) and referrals.   Thanks!

There are a number of dental tourism sites, and many have reviews written by people who have used the dentist or professional.  I presume many website developers sell their web space to the dentist.  I'm somewhat cynical, but a realist or a critical thinker question motives much like a cynical person does.  If you pick a dentist on a medical tourism web page, a good web page will allow you to network with others who have used their service.  Verifying who they are isn't terribly hard. I make sure the people who say "I used that service" aren't a part of the sales team.  When you talk to the dentist you should be able to tell if you need to run for your life and hire the dentist down the street.   :D HAHAHA

Yes, I agree with you 100%.   Thank you for this!

rubytue60 :

Yes, I agree with you 100%.   Thank you for this!

If you do find a dentist, or a website you like will you please share?  I plan to get some dental work done in Mexico as well.  If I find one I will let you know.

You can get a crown for less than a$100 dollars. However,it's a good chance that it will be porcelain. If you have a hard bite as I do you will break it. So ask for metal with procealin on the side.

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