is it advisable to borrow from a friend to find work in singapore

Hello i jst wanna know if i can borrow money from a friend to travel to singapore to find a job . Is it advisable ?

freshsaint wrote:

Hello i jst wanna know if i can borrow money from a friend to travel to singapore to find a job . Is it advisable ?

And what happens if you do not find work. How will you pay your friend back.
If you cannot pay him back he will not be your friend for long.

Too much of a risk to take.

It is POSSIBLE to borrow money from a friend (if he/she agrees to lend it to you) for any purpose you want, but as Stumpy has pointed out above, it might not be ADVISABLE.
Travelling to Singapore to find a job has a high chance of failure if you are either not the right person or don't do your preparations right, thus I wouldn't take the risk with somebody else's money. With my own I might.

Kk beppi, i really like the way u share advice in a mature way, the truth here in ghana is, many travelling agents promise to find us jobs in singapore. As am typing this piece, i ve made arrangement with one and has promised me higher chances of getting job for me as a graduate. I dont have much so i intended getting help from a friend to pay later when i safely land and get job.

A promise doesn't mean they can actually do it; in fact, they probably can't.

It's very likely to be a scam that'll leave you without a job, but with a debt to an ex friend.

The truth is that employment agencies cannot at all help in getting visa for Singapore (the authorities there dislike dealing with agents, so engaging one actually reduces your chances).
A good employment agent (there are very few of them!) can establish contact between you and a potential employer - everything else is between you and the employer then. Most agents, though, promise much and deliver little. Check their reaction if you propose to only pay them after you successfully found a job through them - I am sure they will find all kinds of excuses why this isn't "possible" and if you insist are not interested any more in dealing with you - precisely because success is so seldom that they have to live off fees collected for failure!

Furthermore, it is Singapore law that employment agents can only charge the employer (company) - their service is free of charge for job seekers!

Isn't one major issue the fact that being a graduate does not bring any experience to the table and working experience is needed in Singapore (and most countries) to work there as a foreigner?

Thanks to all ur advice bt am quite sure, bold guys always try and is better of trying than to stay in ma home country idle cos of bad economy and szlfish decision from african leaders. So in short, am gonna join u soon over there, with the hope dat am gonna get job to keep me there, and this is a spirit of a frustrated unemployed african graduate.

You don't stand a chance. Because of the local rules amongst other reasons. Get 2 years' experience then you will have a chance - but no chance now.

Borrowing money from friend to search for job - it's too complicated for your friend.
We are not sure you will get a chance and can pay back. Suppose your friend lend you money ( normally that happen in rarest of rare cases) and you didn't get a job to payback. What if you are in the place of your friend?

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