Safety in Czech Republic


We would like to talk about a sensitive but important topic: do you feel safe in Czech Republic?

How would you define the level of safety in the country?

Can you walk safely during the day and at night without any fear?

Do you think there is a high rate of criminality, social problems or tensions?

Share with us your insight on safety in Czech Republic and in the city you live in.

Thank you in advance,


Dear Christine,
the question of security varies heavily depending on where you live in CZ and what town district are you in. I would generally say that Hlavni Nadrazi (main station) area both in Prague and Brno is not safe after the dusk, also in Brno (where I used to live ) I would not go to Cejl or Bratislavska streets at night, they are full of Gipsies criminals, who are very often drugged.   
But generally taken, CZ is quite safe place for living, street crime is concentrated in Prague/Brno center at night only, otherwise nothing more then pickpockets can meet you. A Racism issue does not exist here in normal sense (since you are not Gipsy), other social tenses or problems I have not registered so far..

Hope this helped, my humble 5 cents.


Hi Christine,

I live in one of Brno's northern suburbs, relatively prosperous, with many families. It is as safe as houses. I feel safe here.

I agree with Pavel that certain central parts of the city are not safe, but it is all about using common sense, eh, and not going there after dark, alone, with your money in plain sight. But this happens everywhere in the world. However, there is no gun crime here, or gangs ruling the place.

I read a recent article that said that for most peaceful countries in the world the Czech Republic is rated at number 10, which I think is very good. This is something all Czechs can be proud of.

It means it is relatively peaceful here, and long may it remain so!



I've written on this very topic. See


Best wishes


Hi Christine,

I definitely agree that the main train station (Hlavní nádraí) is not safe after dusk. Also coming up from Revoluční street to park in Letná is a dodgy place nowadays. Generally, I can not recommend to wonder around in parks at Letná after sunset. I would recommend precautions like not going through too dark and lonely narrow streets, stick to the main routes with more people on and do not provoke fights with local gipsies and other dodgy people as they usually carry knifes. On the other hand, main districts like Wenceslas square and close city centre I would consider safe as there are usually police presented to look after order in the night hours (definitely at the square). I also have to say that I have been walking loads of times through the city centre in the night and did not see a single fight or problem for ages.

I would say I feel safe during the day and night … a lot of tourists and students ..
Hope it helps

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