New to Singapore - Would like to make friends!

Hello All,

I just arrived to this beautiful country with my husband and we will be living here for 2 years. I am very interested in meeting people and making friends.

I am wondering, does.anyone know if there are any Spanish speaking expats in this country? And if so, where to meet them?


Hola cariña,

Welcome to Singapore. I am not a Spanish but I am a Swiss and I speak German and Italian.
There are quiet a number of Spanish expats. One of my friend is a Spanish.
I am also very interested to meet new people. 
Have a splendid weekend.


Hola Tiziana,

It is very nice to meet you. If you would like to go out for a cup of coffee or meet up, I am excited to meet new people.
I am really new to the area but will be living around Robinson Quay if you are ever interested.



Yeah sure I would love to have a cup of coffee. This week I am busy with work and have a friend staying for a few days.
Anyway I think we can meet in two weeks. I'll let you know.
See you soon


I am Elpi. I am Greek and will be in Singapore in mid October. I will be living in the area Clementi with 3 Brits and will work at A STAR. I am not sure how far these places are from where you guys are. To introduce a bit more myself, I was living in UK the last 2 years and I am moving to Singapore, as part of my contract.

I am interested in making new friends too and I like salsa dancing as a social hobby. I would be very interested in Kizomba classes, if you have any in mind to suggest. I can speak greek and english (obviously), french and have forgotten practically my german. However, I try to teach myself spanish in the meanwhile, but I become discouraged gradually.

I would like to start some conversations before I arrive in Singapore and of course, any advice concerning culture, food, commuting or anything else would be more than welcome and highly appreciable.

Hope to hear from you soon, cheers! :-)

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