my experiences so that future teachers can make an informed

Applying for a position but cannot find any information on the internet???

That was the position that I was in as teachers who are currently employed there are only allowed to post positive notes....even constructive comments are frowned have to either remove them or have your employment terminated.

Happy to talk about my experiences so that future teachers can make an informed decision about their future. Feel free to message me :)

Hi, katielou.
What are the schedules like at eiu?

40 hours per week. More like a school not a university

More detail, plz.

Let me know your specific questions and I can respond

Ok, so a typical teaching schedule..
How many contact hrs a week,
How long are the classes,
Split shifts..

24 hours per week contact time - Must be onsite for 40 hours/week
Lessons are 3 hours long
No split shifts - you either teach all morning or all afternoon
Shared office space/shared computers

Paid monthly - first pay was 6 weeks after commencement
Reimbursements not paid until after contract completion and I had left the country (no access to the money)

Yes, they pay you half way through the month. Sounds like a great schedule. Did you love working there?

To be honest I hated working at ***. I was used to working in a university that applied academic rigor to all it undertakings and honesty towards their employees. This is not what I found at ***. The manager was openly aggressive, offensive and abusive to numerous members of staff in and outside of work, without any repercussions despite having been reported to Human Resources.     Grades of students were changed by the manager without reason. This behaviour was widespread and serious enough that students who had failed all four skills in examinations had been pushed through to the next level as a 'pass'. The accommodation was advertised as fully furnished but this as not the case. Th cost of setting up the apartment was several months worth of wages. Very high turnover of teaching staff with many sneaking off in the dead of night.

However I had signed a contract for 12 months so therefore felt it was my professional obligation to complete that contract. I shall never return.

But you had the basics in your apartment, right? Like a bed? Were those managers expats or locals?

Apartment had the very basics like a bed, lounge, table,chairs. No washing machine, kitchen wares, modem,   Electricity was very expensive. Cost more per month than the cost in Australia with the wages about a quarter of what you earn in Aus.

The managers of issue are expats but the VN staff were dishonest and will blatantly lie to your face

I’m now on expat contract in an international company with the Contract expiring in Q1 next year.
And I want to do something else thereafter
I looked at teaching jobs too (I have a university diploma of the Teacher of English and German).
Having read the above I’m getting somewhat concerned as to this.
Has anyone positive experience teaching English being non-native speaker?

They do  employ non-native English speaking teachers - My teaching partner was Bulgarian and an absolute delight to work with. As per my previous posts the issue is with the administration of the university and the lack of academic rigor

Thanks Katielou
In other words that could work relatively well and one could get employed in case the skills and Competencies are there.
Having still around six months of Employment Contract with another Conpany I believe it’s still a bit too early to start talking to agents, potential employers or headhunters, I believe?

Dear Katielou

I am an Indian, I have good english communication skills. Also, I have a degree in Bachelor of Education from New Delhi, India.

Will this work for teaching in EIU?

Ritu Sharma

You can apply if you want to work in that environment

Hi Katielou,
Could you help share the link or any information for the application? Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,

Do they have terms at EIU where all your classes finish at the same time and you have tonnes of marking? Thanks.

I may have an interest in teaching .  I would like to communicate with you about it.
Thank You,
Marcus Crenshaw

How about the work visa process? do you need to authenticate Tefl/Tesl certificates like in China? from 2018 many schools require you to do so.  or they need only your degree to be authenticated (legalized at the Vietnamese embassy at your home country)?

and about your Bulgarian colleague. Was he\ she on a work visa?

How much was your electric per month? What building did you live in?

I have a one bedroom apartment and pay 1.5 million a month for electricity. Double what it was in Oregon, USA. Yes, I do use the ac whenever I am home. After teaching in hot schools all day i figure I deserve to be cool at night. To me it is part of the cost of doing business, I don't freak out over it.

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